July ’16 Wrap-up

july wrap up.jpg

And here we are at another Wrap-up!

We will not be talking about my stats…

because they have been drowning this month. Since I changed from daily blogging to every two days, I’ve lost very valuable followers who wanted that. For several days I kept gaining followers but the number stayed same. I’m happy to say that finally, my number finally did start going up. But my stats are still very low comparatively.

Reading wise

I read only 15 books this month but somehow, this month feels productive in many other ways so I will not mind. I am ahead in Goodreads challenge so I’ll accept this number.

I’ve read 152/165 books this year. 

My reviews

Discussion posts

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BeFunky Design (2)


Milestones crossed

I got 400 followers!! Thank you so much, all of you!

Also, I completed six months of blogging! I didn’t do a post then itself because I had others and life kept me busy.


What have you accomplished this month? Link me to your wrap-ups!

12 thoughts on “July ’16 Wrap-up”

      1. Sadly, no. The sidebar always has an inaccurate number from what WordPress tells me in the stats for what I actually have.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Really? Oh. It was always came right for me. Are you sure its not including email followers? It did that for me and I was so confused for a while


  1. I had very low stats this month too.Trying not to let that get me down so don’t worry about that.15 books last month and 152 so far this year is pretty impressive.Enjoy the new month.


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