In The After || unhealthy teenage lives and quite some tragic deaths

in the after.jpgTitle: In The After

Author: Elisa Dane

Genre: YA contemporary

Status: Book 1 of Fight Chance series



Sadie Reynolds is a liar with secrets. At school, she’s part of the popular crowd known as AE, despite being broken inside. She hides it well. She has to. The slightest bit of imperfection will land her in the same shoes as her Geeky neighbor named Ian.

Ian and his only friend are the object of Sadie’s friends’ ridicule, ire, and entertainment. The AE rule the school with intimidation and retribution against anyone who would dare question their supremacy.

Sadie steers clear of most of it, terrified someone will find out her secret. She isn’t the least bit perfect. In fact, she suffers from PTSD stemming from the murder of her mother right before her eyes when she was a child. She can barely cope from day-to-day, hiding her truth and trying to fit in. But she knows it’s only a matter of time.

Hayden is a “Waverly,” a kid with the misfortune of living in the small farming town of Waverly that borders the very affluent Lexington Parrish. The AE doesn’t mix with “Waverlies.” Ever.

Desperate to get away from her oppressive friends, Sadie crashes into Hayden at a bonfire and the attraction that sparks between them is nothing short of electric. But Hayden’s an outsider and when things heat up, Sadie will be forced to choose between her friends and her new boyfriend.

Only Queen Bee Britt isn’t having it. She will not allow Sadie to cross her. Sadie can either do what Britt wants her to do or she will reveal Sadie for the PTSD freak that she is.

Sadie does some soul searching about who she is and who she wants to be. She can’t live her life like this. Not any more. One fateful night will help her see how much things have to change.

She’s determined to no longer allow the AE to rule her life. She will be strong, stand up for Ian and love who she wants in Hayden. Determined and invigorated, Sadie goes to school feeling hopeful for the first time in forever.

But, the unthinkable happens.

Shooters attack dozens of students before the two eventually take their own lives, leaving the school a decimated shadow of what it once was.

Suddenly who lives where, wears what or loves whom seems like the least of Lexington Parish’s problems as everyone and everything changes forever in the after.

IN THE AFTER by Elisa Dane is a hard-hitting and heart-warming story of tragedy, love, loss and redemption. It is recommended for readers 14+.


Note: I received an eARC in return for an honest review.

This book is about coping up from loss, being afraid to love, being afraid to go against in fear of oppression and losing some more. (Am I too self-centred if I say I love that line I wrote?)

The Plot

  • Sadie has lost her mother and once moving into town, has declined going to the therapist because that woman is the aunt of Britt, who is the AE leader. AE is Atwood Elite group who are rich, entitled and bully others. You go against the AE even though you’re one of them? You’re out. Therefore, Sadie has hidden herself deep inside and puts on an act.
  • Hayden is a Waverly, from the poor side of town, as it’s called. Sadie crushes on him so hard.
  • The GR synopsis literally tells you what you’ll get throughout the book. Therefore, its the clique problem, love issues, depression issues and a mass shooting.
  • Considering everything that has been going on in the world recently, this was a slight insight into those people’s lives who are directly affected.

The Characters

  • Sadie was given a lot of thought to, I can tell. She’s not perfect in the least and is just trying to take one day at a time.
  • Hayden is a guy who has gone through some things in life as well and is also coping up. He’s a really sweet boy but not a doormat that he’ll let himself be Sadie’s dirty little secret. He wants an open relationship, or nothing. We don’t get to know about his past, which is mentioned a few times and it made me frustrated!
  • Britt is the bitch and she thrives on making other people’s lives harder and bullying. She’s the ultimate bully. Atwood high is so unhealthy for life.

The Romance

  • The relationship went well enough with him consoling and supporting her, she finally standing up for their relationship and their hangouts.
  • The only problem I had was the highly cliched thing about her getting a feeling when he’s nearby. They’re not actual magnets! This was mention a lot of times and every time I just got madder.


A really nice book which I mainly liked for the issues it showed and less for the romance. I really want to read the next book because I want to know about Hayden and his past. It irks me that the book ended without anything on that front and I have to wait a whole year.





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