Blogging daily: all the deets and feels

Blogging daily

As many of you might be knowing, I’ve blogged daily until June. It takes quite some time, effort and application of mind to get ideas everyday. Recently, I read a post by someone called How daily blogging for one year has changed my life. All the points are true and truer.

So, here I am today to tell you what I felt in my short period of daily blogging.

What it gave me

  • Creativity buzz everyday. I would try to think up new posts, what I could write on and draw inspiration from everything I read, see and hear. Half of my posts are about books so I also learnt to review MOST of the books I read. If I didn’t blog daily, I would have reviewed only a select few.
  • Some purpose. For most of the duration I had entrance exams and holidays. It gave me something to do and look forward to other than studying and whiling away time everyday.
  • Energy boost. Believe it or not, it actually gets me started. Some morning I type up my blog posts first and continuing the same drive, move on to other work instead of procrastinating. Otherwise, I would do some work and get things done so that I may somehow get ideas and write a blog post later. Common denominator-got me doing other things too.
  • Followers and stats. A couple weeks after I started daily blogging I found a tag called “postaday”. All the daily bloggers tag that in their posts and I started doing it too. Result-I got followers who appreciate daily posts and followed me for that. Ever since I stopped daily blogging this month, I’ve lost those followers and my stats are at an all-time low. I don’t mind, but it does make me sad.

What it took from me

  • TIME. Time is everything and daily blogging meant spending half an hour on posts every single day, sometimes more. This month, I’ve had so much time to do other things and this will help once college comes into the mix.
  • Concentration. Quite sometimes all my aim for the day was to publish a good post. Sure, I had holidays but I didn’t get things done such as rearranging or going out for something until I hit publish. This was not often but it did occur.
  • Other interests and hobbies: Blogging cuts into time, as I said, and it cut into my creative time that was usually for other things. I still found time to read (not as much as when I wasn’t blogging) but my arts and crafts, even writing, was hit hard.


Everything has its ups and downs, and for me blogging daily was mostly an up. I’ll be honest, I miss it. I even tweeted it a while back. I miss the creativity spurt, whirring mind and ideas coming forth. Now, I schedule a few posts and it keeps me on for some days. During those days, I just roll around in bed most of the day and waste time. I hate being unproductive. But! It also now gives me a lot of flexibility in time and I don’t have to worry about getting one up everyday.

I hadn’t made any commitment to blogging daily earlier like some other bloggers. I just started because I had time and rolled with it.

I got thinking about blogging lesser from the #BlogRechargeChat but blogging is also my own thing. If I find time and am able to with college, I think I’ll be back to daily blogging. I want to blog everyday again.

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What are your views on daily blogging?

14 thoughts on “Blogging daily: all the deets and feels”

  1. congrats on keeping it up for that long! i admire that, even if you don’t now it’s still impressive. i don’t think i could blog everyday, cuz i like to blog about stuff that hits me at random times and it’s often more based on my emotions or personal events. so yeah i think for me it wouldn’t be the best but it’s really up to each person. but if you do decide to try blogging daily again, good luck. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been posting almost everyday along this month and I understand you. It takes a lot of time and concentration. Sometimes I can’t even make ideas for posts and that really frustrates me! 😛 But I really have fun and I think it’s cool to daily post, it really keeps me inspired!! XD XD Great post!!

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  3. As much as I’d love to post daily, I’m such a sluggish writer. I don’t think I can ever do it! It’s an admirable endeavor to pursue though, and I greatly commend you for it!

    Lovely post!

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    1. Both of them depend on things.
      If you have the time, it’s good to daily blog and keep busy. If you have a busy schedule, daily blogging might stress you.
      Some blog readers prefer daily posts while some prefer occasional. So in sight for what is good for you blog—is whatever you do. Both have pros and cons

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