College and Pokemon Go

Written on Wednesday, 20 July.

College and Pokemon go

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I did a personal post, right?

I got into a college! The official semester hasn’t started yet, it will on the 1st of August. Until then, we can go for a type of bridge course where they teach/revise the pre-requisites that we should know to understand engineering concepts well.

We’re about 120 students now from six engineering courses. We have different classes, of course. Later, way more students will join and it’ll be great (I hope)!

I have college from 8am to 3:30pm for now and about 30-40 minutes of travelling to and fro. I’m a day scholar, as will be most of the students. Only a small percentage live in the hostel (dorm). The regular college hours are 8am to 4pm. We have a half an hour break at 10 and an hour break for lunch starting 12:30pm. Other than that, classes classes classes.

From what the teachers have taught in these three days, I like the teaching way better than how it was in school. I am pretty interested and I actually understand as they are explaining from the basic concepts while in school it was all “need to know for exam” type of teaching. This is Indian educational system don’t ask.

The first day was on Monday and the first half went as I thought it would-with me not talking to anyone and being a loner. During the half an hour break I decided I cannot be like this (a quiet loner that some of my friends told I would be like) and said hi to a guy who was sitting next to me, also alone and texting on whatsapp. We both realised we were in the same boat as both of us are not approaching people. After that, a girl introduced herself to me and I became fast friends with her and her friends. (She also loves books!)

Compared to the hardly-anyone-reads crowd I had in school where I had to convert friends into readers, half the people in my temporary class are readers and I somehow feel like I have to be unique again (because even though I’m spotlight-shy, I like being different) so now all I have is blogging (yay!).

It’s been three days and already many of us have formed groups and are sticking to one now. The thing is, in a week or so, way more new students will start coming with the normal semester and we might get shuffled, get new friends and see some old faces too. I like the friends I have right now but I miss the camaraderie I have with guy friends from my squad. Of course the guys in my batch now aren’t the same but I’m feeling the all-girl group thing which I’m not really a fan of anymore. A couple guys from my school are joining my college with the new sem and one of my besties too! Stoked for the actual sem to start!

Also, I finally got Pokemon Go this sunday, about which I even tweeted quite a bit (its a hint for: go follow me on twitter @mebeingquixotic). The official version hasn’t released here yet (which it would have if so many people hadn’t bombarded servers that they’re working on expanding it for those areas more than releasing for us!) so I was hesitant of viruses as a by -product of the unofficial. A few of my friends found a safe version though and I finally got it!

I’m in level five now, and my residential area sucks for catching Pokemon. The only good thing is that I have a Pokestop right next to my building to which I can even go in pyjamas because its that close. In my college I get a lot though! And even on the way to and back since I travel about 14 kilometres (I don’t know it in miles). I’m on level 5 now but haven’t joined a team yet because I’m hesitant about which to join. Around my place all gyms are owned by the Valor (red) team and I want to join blue. Many from my squad are joining red because its prevalent and strong etc but what’s the point? Might as well try to overthrow instead of going with the flow. Right? I think I’ll join Mystic (the blue one) just because I like blue and the name is nice.

What’s up in your life? Anything new and interesting happen? Tell me! Also, do you play Pokemon Go? Which level are you and have you joined any team? Lets talk in the comments about our addiction to the game!

14 thoughts on “College and Pokemon Go”

  1. All the best for college.
    I love Pokemon Go too! I used to be addicted to it, but recently it stopped working properly on my phone 😦 I am from India too, so I have the same problem of it not being officially released yet.

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    1. They removed all details from India yesterday morning! Pokemon Go isn’t working all over the country! I didn’t update it onto this post as I wrote it on wednesday 😥

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  2. Well done on college! It sounds like you’re having a super good time there: I really enjoyed reading about it, and can’t wait to hear more soon. BTW, 1mi = 1.6km, and hence 14km = 8.75mi 🙂

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