Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one


The irony. To be understood- these are my thoughts of how a relationship hopefully is so don’t hate. I absolutely have no idea in truth.

Freedom to text at any time

Because you’re in a relationship and you can text about even stupid things just because you feel like talking to someone. No hard feelings on disturbing a friend and holding back and feeling lonely. Many times I hesitate over the number of contacts on my phone, finally not texting anyone.

You have company when you go somewhere

Like the movies or a mall (maybe not the latter?). If you want to watch a movie and don’t want to go alone, you can ask your bf/gf without inhibition. Sure, they might not be able to come but you can ask. In India, my companions are cut half because I can’t ask only one guy without a girl because every person, dog and lizard who see you together shame on you. EspeciallyΒ if it isn’t a date! At least if itΒ wasΒ a date, the effort is worth it.

Freedom to rant and fangirl

The worst problem of bookworms is that we hardly have people IRL to fangirl with! Even if one of my friends do listen, I feel slightly guilty because they absolutely don’t care and it’s a nuisance for them. If you’re dating someone, the person has signed up for this and you can freely fangirl. Same for stupid rants, reasonable rants and any rants.

Someone you actually want to talk to

A best friend of mine pinches money and saves up very difficultly to put data packs and talk to her boyfriend. (This is India, if you want to live, your parents mustn’t know you date.) (Also, most of us don’t have pocket money or minors working system. So we have to beg our parents for money everytime we need something.) How much ever I love my friends, I will not be that desperate to talk. We’ll manage. I want to get that feeling.

This post has become more of what I want than “advantages”.

You can pester your partner on grounds of “showing love”

Because what else speaks stronger than texting them every minute of the day, right? It’ll also give you some fun and makes your day lighter. Your bf/gf can deal with it, don’t worry πŸ˜›

One person who WILL support you and compliment you/your work all the time

Let’s face it, you’re awesome. Why wouldn’t they? BUT! That’s one person whom you can share your silliest achievements with.

Free hugs anytime!

Do I need to say more? Hugs are awesome. I love hugs.

Constant reminder that someone actually likes you!

We all need it, boy do we all. Its a big confidence booster.

And I’m sadly out of points. Again, this is just what I imagine it to be. Absolutely no experience with the real thing.

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Do you agree with what I said? Can you think of any more?

18 thoughts on “Advantages of being in a relationship, from someone who has never been in one”

  1. I thought in India if a girl and guy walk together, they’ll only stare at you. I mean, what else can people do? Do they do anything else? I mean I don’t see why people care so much about what other people are thinking if they’re random strangers who are not involved with the person’s life. And what really irritates me is how the public is so worried about what others are doing, so they have to stare. It’s ridiculous!

    Maybe the public staring bothers me more than it should because I only visit India once in a while. So I’m not used to it.

    Another thing I find hilarious is that if kids want to find a way to do something, they will do it. For instance, dating. Unless parents lock their kids in the house…there’s not much they can do really. πŸ˜›

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    1. They will stare at you, curse you and your descendants and also somehow make sure it comes back to your parents. Worried about “tainting” their daughter for arranged marriage and stuff.
      I’ll admit, I stare myself but it’s kinda out of longing so..
      Not all parents rule out dating but the majority batting for that side makes it so hard

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      1. Curse you? What on earth do they say? How can strangers get in touch with your parents? They’re random people you see at the malls. Oh come on! And what about tainting the guys? That’s not there?

        Longing for what? A relationship? I guess it’s understandable.

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      2. Longing for a connection, more like.

        You have no idea the amount of stigma around here! Guys and girls are safe to hang out only in groups. Especially if its even a bit close to home, you have to drag one or two more people to make it seem as if you’re mot on a date and it ruins everything! My friend called three of us to go with him to his girlfriend’s house to see her for the last time before she goes off to hostel because he can’t go by himself.

        They’ll be all “paap paap” in their minds and shake their heads with disdain and disgust right in front of us. Honestly, you go out for a good time and just feel down with all the reactions. Unless you go to a big mall somewhere far from home, it’s not safe.

        And boys don’t get “tainted” more like “out of hand”. Only in three cases have I known where the guy is also disgraced in front of family and that’s when they date girls from other castes.

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      3. How can India be so indifferent how they treat a girl versus a guy? And how can they expect teens to not be interested in dating? It doesn’t make any sense. I know I’m Indian, but I don’t live in India, so I don’t really understand the full dynamics of someone living there. Does that make sense? πŸ˜›

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      4. India has improved in the girl/guy view but that’s only in birth and abortion. Parents want girl children now and that’s a huge thing! Everywhere we girls go and see kid girls, we feel better because the gender gap is on its way on disappearing. For the equal view to come to dating and teens, it’s going to take another generation or two.

        Our parents and grandparents did not get a choice and had to work with the decisions made FOR them. They expect the same of us and if we don’t, it’s as if we’re disrespecting them. The only parents who are okay with dating are the ones who themselves have gone through it and have married because of love.

        If you want to ask anything or know more, just shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to explain what I see and know πŸ™‚

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      5. Right. I understand. I guess not. I only visit India once a year. I’ll be in Mumbai and Kerala next Sunday though. I’ll try to observe and see what happens.

        That must be a horrible and frustrating experience. You mean three other girls? That’s so unfortunate. 😦

        Paap? What does that mean? Seriously? I need to see this! So people close to home know who you are? I guess hanging out with a guy alone at a mall is the only option? Do they say anything there?

        That’s good. I’m glad it’s changing. I 100% agree. They think if you don’t see it for their point of view, it’s a sign of disrespect. Rather than a sign of generation gap. Makes perfect sense! I’ll send you an e-mail.

        Do you mind following my blog? I would appreciate it. πŸ™‚

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      6. You made a blog! Finally! But when I click your name, it still goes to pianopalace and says “doesn’t exist”. Gimme the link, please?

        Oh yay! Kerela is a beautiful place.

        Yes, I mean three other girls. One couple from those cut ties with their families and got married, another were in high school only so broke up, and the third are in that very delicate situation of having an ultimatum from their families.

        Paap means “curse”, sort of. IF someone does something bad, people around say “paap paap” or “paap ho jaayega” which means “you’ll have a curse on you”. It’s like god doles out curses for those who do bad things. Dating, is considered a bad thing.

        If you want to see all these things or notice them, I would say Kerela is better. Usually the places where people are accepting enough of short dresses, skirts and modern clothes that show skin are also indifferent to dating. The places where tradition is kept as a tight leash, is where you see strains (why am I writing sentences like that lol)

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      7. I made a blog ages ago! What? No, if you click on my name, it should go to my website! Are you kidding me? That’s why I haven’t been gaining any followers because you can’t access my website. UGH I am SO annoyed right now. How do I fix this…

        I’ve heard it’s really pretty. I understand Hindi, but it’s not the greatest. Like when I talk in Hindi, I get stuck sometimes.

        Kerala is bad with girls and guys hanging out? Right. Ahahaha, I love the correlation you used. Hilarious!

        My blog name:

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      8. Yes! That must be why you’re not getting followers. Go to your wp-admin page and see about your “primary site”. Change it to your current one. That should work.
        If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll check and come back to you with exact steps.

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      9. Also, I don’t know about Kerala exactly but my friend who is a Mallu has it real bad at home. She was in Kerela until today actually

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