Guest post by Stephanie

Hey everyone!
I’m glad to say that we have Stephanie from Making time for me guest blogging!

First of all, I want to say Thank you for allowing me to Guest Post on your blog.
  It is my belief that the more we extend ourselves to sharing, featuring guest bloggers and commenting, the more successful our Blog will truly become.
  Here is link to my Blog: Making Time For Me
Also a link to when Iridescence Guest Posted on my Blog: Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/21
I wanted to write about the judgement that is plaguing our society right now.  I figured that a teenager from India allowing a 35 year old from the U.S. to guest blog for her, was the right platform.
My husband and I talk about the ignorance all the time.  The people who just want to “hate”, who just refuse to see that people are people.  That we all have a story to tell.  We all are just as likely to be terrible human beings as we are to be kind and generous.
Where we are from, what age we are, what gender we identify with or what religion we participate in DOES NOT matter.  Our hearts, our souls and are minds are capable of knowing love, kindness and truth.
We are capable of having friends from all over the world, with ideas that are different from our own.  In fact, isn’t that the beauty of this place?  The Earth, the internet and WordPress.  Developing an understanding, learning information and educating ourselves on the differences and similarities.
I have six children.  They range in age from 3-14.  I teach them to love whomever they want to love.  Be friends with anyone who is friendly to them, reach out to those who aren’t.  Learn about how other people live, just like you want them to understand about our big and crazy family life.
Children don’t look at the difference nearly as much as I look at the similarities.  God Bless them for that. There will always be WAY more similarities between us than differences.  So why focus on the later?
It doesn’t take much to decide to open your eyes, your heart and your mind!  I bet that your world will look much more beautiful if you do.

3 thoughts on “Guest post by Stephanie”

  1. I agree with everything you said. We are a lot more similar than we think. And this is why children are so great at making friends. They’re open, honest, trustworthy, loyal, kind, and so much more. Children just concentrate on being interested in the other person and making a new friend; while, adults are so worried about what others think and creating a “good” impression on others. And what good does that do? Nothing. The world would be a better place if we weren’t so suspicious when we meet a new person.

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