June bullet journal flip through

Hey everyone!

First things first, I know I promised a video but I tried filming so many times and when I finally spent hours on waiting it to upload, it’s quality SUCKED. So I decided I’ll just upload pictures on here which is much easier. You’ll also be spared from listening to me stammer. This was actually supposed to be up yesterday but I got caught up in IRL things and couldn’t. It’s kinda late, but not that much, right? We’re only 10 days into July.

So, onto the “flip through”!



When I got and started this book I didn’t mean for it to be a bullet journal so I just decorated the first couple pages and made lists as you will see in the following pictures…










Now, THIS is when I decided to make it a bullet journal a week before June so you can see my planning and what all I wanted in my trial.



The month calendar started out nice but I just ruined it while trying to make it look good. I cringe every time I see the page now.



I took the monthly log inspiration from Boho Berry where she wrote down small snippets of what happened that day. But I lost track after a bit and for July I’m only writing down appointments, work, to-remembers etc. For the dailies, the time header is also inspired by Boho Berry and I colored in how long I read, slept and others. I really like this page, it looks creative.



A bullet journal is also used for notes, planning and stuff. So you see the questions I thought of for theย #BlogRechargeChat.




As you can see, I lost track of the daily time header here. I just didn’t feel like coloring it in but I liked the divide it gave and the look. So from the next day I made patterns instead.







A bullet journal is finally a journal. On this day I felt like making a journal entry to get something off my chest so I just did it here.











When empty space, doodle!





And the month ends here!

I hope you liked this flip through (?) and I’ll see you in another post, tomorrow!

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Do you bullet journal? Would you like to?


13 thoughts on “June bullet journal flip through”

  1. Hi! I saw in one of your tags there’s Bujo battles! Do you watch studyign cause she is awesome! I love your bullet journal ๐Ÿ˜€ I think I did a post about it a long time ago tryin it out ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! That’s strange, because I don’t remember tagging bujo battles lol. I do watch studyign though, she is awesome!
      Do you still bullet journal?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah well. I only started now and I’m already going to college (starting this Monday actually)
        I hope you find use of it on a later day!

        Liked by 1 person

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