#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts

blog recharge chat final verdicts

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that Charley and I hosted a twitter chat on June 29th with the hashtag #BlogRechargeChat. If you’re new here and don’t know, the chat was for bloggers and blog readers. It was to get info from blog readers about what they like, expect and look for when they visit a new blog. All the questions that we bloggers want to ask but don’t want to bombard our followers with “help, tell me, please!” were answered in that chat.

We got a very good response and participation that going through old tweets and convos (with personalised sub-questions!) is a tedious work. So, to make it easier for all of us, I decided to compile the most popular answers to every question so you don’t have to go wading around again to look for them.

Q1: Do you prefer a daily blogger or an occasional blogger (weekly or so)?

A1: Occasional. Two/three times a week is most ideal. Quality over quantity.

Q2: What do you first look for when you visit a new blog – posts, about, categories etc?

A2: Latest posts and about page. Blog design– easy, minimalist and clean. Also some of us agreed that we prefer about pages to be in first person and not third person.

Q3: What do you think should be displayed in the sidebar and what would you like to see in the main menu?

A3: Sidebar must have a short bio, recent posts, most popular posts, social media icons, search bar, follow methods and categories-in no particular order. Main menu must have about page, index and policy (for reviewers), contact page.

Q4: Do you prefer a one topic centred blog or one which provides a variety of posts?

A4: Variety! Everyone wants some change. Best is to find various posts under one large topic like books.

Q5: Mention one blog you love because of how it looks.

Q6: Mention one blog whose posts LOOK good.

Q7: Mention one blog whose posts you love to read and why.

Various answers and bloggers were tagged for these three answers so I’m not going to compile all of them (because I’ll become tired lol). @paperfury was given quite some love though.

Q8: Are you most likely to comment if a question is given at the end of a post or if you solely liked the content?

A8: Questions greatly help but on content too. Questions get us started.

Q9: Would you read a blog more if the person is active on social media?

A9: Social media is very important, especially Twitter. A lot of people find their favourite bloggers and more bloggers through twitter. It helps that twitter advertises you no matter which blog-hosting site you use.

Q10: Do you have any suggestion to make blogs better overall?

A10: Here are the points tweeted in reply:

  • Respond to comments
  • Make your layout better and good
  • Post regularly. Keep constant.
  • If you are taking a hiatus, let everyone know. (@booksandladders)
  • If you only write about ABC and now want to start doing ABC+XYZ, make sure your readers know (@dani_reviews)
  • Three Cs of blogging: Creativity, Consistency and Content quality (@bookshelfbitch)
  • There is a difference between posting CONSTANTLY and posting CONSISTENTLY.
  • Make note of font size and elegance.

There were also mentions of…

  • Blog button: which are apparently really important and are 75% necessary for blog advertising.
  • Blog community roll: this is going out of trend/use and one person commented that seeing it would be nice.
  • Disqus comments: A few people suggested that this plugin be used as it is easier. Note: I don’t think its available for WP free users.

And those are all the main points I rounded up from this time. There will definitely be another chat. We are planning for July 30th(saturday), 9am EST/1pm GMT/6:30pm IST and the theme will be Social media and connections outside your website. Mark your calendars and make sure you participate!

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