Today’s guest blogger Sara Akkari comes to you with a little cheering up. 

I always seem to wonder how can a human being feel bad about himself? How could he hate himself physically and morally? How can one claim that he is not by any chance beautiful?

Haven’t you been totally caught up by the thought that you’re built in a way that all 8 billion human beings cannot compare? Don’t you notice your difference? And speaking of which, never don’t you EVER feel that difference is wrong.

And if by chance, you feel, think, and admit so… Here’s a little thought:

When you walk out of your own bathroom, after a long relaxing bath, don’t you notice the little wrinkles that form around your fingers and in the palm of your hands? Well, here’s a fact, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the same form of wrinkles nor the same hands.
And I’m pretty sure you don’t notice the sparkle in your eyes while you’re talking about the thing that excites you the most, the thing you totally feel passionate about. We all shine a little in different ways.
How about when you’re in class or sitting on the rooftop or staring at your TV, but not actually, you’re staring into space while you’re trapped in your own world. Your own fantasy. A world of your making. You make up stories and scenarios you dream about, till it becomes your little piece of insanity, and somehow when you get to that place, you feel sane again.

We don’t appreciate those things, and we forever wait for someone to point his finger to these things. Hence, we’re surprised, and we ask ourselves: Have I always been like that?
You doubt yourself in the most beautiful way, you’ve always been that amazing and that precious.
So, from this very second, take a look at all your perfect flaws and all your imperfect perfections, appreciate them and love them. After all, they make you, you. And without even one of them, you might have been a copy of another miracle. You and all your fellow humans, you are the most amazing miracle:
Each breath you take, each heart beat, each word spoken make you feel alive yet, even your own ashes will bring home where you belong the day you lose contact with each and every cell in your body. Your ashes are little pieces of long lost stars, trying to find their way home.
So enjoy your 3 homes- This earth, your fantasy.. and the Universe.


Hey! I’m a young blogger from the Middle east. Writing has forever been my passion, I write about whatever crosses my mind. Other than writing, I dance, read A LOT, and well… I try to enjoy life while making others happy too 🙂



I host guest bloggers every other saturday i.e. twice a month. For more information visit this page.

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