June Wrap-Up and July plans

June was pretty slow for me, blog-wise. But, a lot other things happened outside of the usual posts! First, lets see the numbers:

Views: 1679

Visitors: 807

Likes/Comments: 667/202

Books read: 24

Books reviewed: 9

Interesting things that happened in June

  • The Twitter chat! To know more about what happened, how it went and other stuff, see this post by my co-host Charley where it all has been put aptly.
  • I made a blogstagram! I’ll intagram about books, bullet journal and some other stuff. Follow me @iridescence_y
  • I got invited to be a contributor at https://mytrendingstories.com/!

Twitter chat bragging

The twitter chat started pretty slow with two bloggers in the beginning but in half an hour it slowly picked up until I had to mute my phone because the continuous vibrations weren’t allowing me to type as fast! I was worried that no one would show up and by the end, I was so so glad! I was on a high all night from it.

People thanked us and I got about 40 followers in that time (whoaaaaaa)! I followed almost double the number, though. I just kept following everyone who participated and who were mentioned as good blogs. I also had SO many notifications! For once, I felt popular, lol.

We DID pick up on some things that we’ll do better next time and had so much fun! My thumbs ached by the time we were done.

Plus, people really liked the questions and the theme of the chat and ASKED for it to be held again. Charley and I actually thought it to be a one-time thing but by popular demand, and us loving it, we’ll make regular.

P.S. a lot of the bloggers loved the personalised sub-questions asked to certain replies and actually mentioned it a couple times. Guess what? I was the one asking them! *pats myself in the back because I’ve done something nice* I’m a bragging person, I’m gonna brag about this 😀  Further twitter chat plans below!



Have I done month-in-advance plans before? Not sure. There’s one thing you should know:

I will be posting two-three times a week from now on

In the twitter chat, the most common response to post frequency was answered as three posts a week. Then, I got to thinking about WHY I became a daily blogger. It was because I had time and wanted to increase how much I put out my blog and to build it with enough posts. When I started blogging, I researched about frequency and somehow I ended up reading that it’s better to build up the blog first by posting a lot in the beginning and then pacing down. I had planned to daily blog for four months but I have holidays and it went on to almost six. Now, I’m pacing down.

Also, I’ll be going to college late this month and I might not be able o blog daily with college stuff. Hopefully, posting a little less will help me make more effort on social media and IRL.

The #BlogRechargeChat on twitter WILL be held again

Charley and I are in talks about the date and time. We have a tentative date but we’ll tell you in another week or so. To know the details instantly, comment below or message me on twitter (@mebeingquixotic) and I’ll add you to the group we made. Spoiler: we might be having a themed chat this time!

What posts can you expect from me this month?

I have a few decided already…

  • 4 book tours
  • 2 guest posts (I’m looking for more guest bloggers for next month. Check out this page to know more)
  • Bullet Journal flip through video
  • A book tag
  • Some book reviews (obviously)
  • At least one blogging tips post (for newbies? comment below if you want me to address a certain thing)
  • And others I don’t know yet


How was June for you? Do you have anything planned for this month?




3 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up and July plans”

  1. WOW, looks like it’s been a great month for you!! And I had SO MUCH FUN in the Twitter chat! Thank you for that! XD And the plans for this month seem really cool, I ain’t got any…for now! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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