The human touch

Recently, I read an article about professional cuddling. It gave an introduction about the career, what it entails and the most part of it was an interview of a professional cuddler.

Basically, the person is a cuddler-for-hire and instead of sexual practises like with a prostitute, the person holds hands with you, hugs you and just holds you and vice versa. It is to give the intimate feeling and drive away the loneliness. Also, an affectionate human touch can go long ways.

The interviewed, Brianna Quijada, originally was a participant of Cuddle Parties—gatherings where people cuddle, talk and innocently touch. She mentioned that she likes laying down her head on another’s lap and getting her hair played with.

It’s these sort of intimate but innocent and yet affectionate touches that drew me to this concept after reading the article. Its nothing sexual but yet you get that high and feel loved.

In the present day, not many of us receive such affection through touch, especially if one is not in a romantic relationship. I can see how someone would get into one just for this.

We are more nuclear families than joint, more texts than after-dinner talks; where does one receive such attention for more than a few seconds? Family members might hug you a bit but no more than a few minutes.

I can understand why people would ask for professional cuddlers. The first client whom Quijada met one-on-one was a 19 year old man, and he just held her the whole time and spoke about school while they listened to music. It kinda makes me sad that we have to hire a person just to talk, hold and not feel alone.

The original article by Alex Williams

What do you think about this profession? What are your views?

5 thoughts on “The human touch”

  1. oohhh I saw a video on Buzzfeed relating to professional cuddling. I agree, that in this fast paced generation, sometimes we don’t have the time to receive the human touch- non-sexually (is that even a word? XD) I think this profession is on it’s way to becoming super popular!

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