Blogging career update

You have no idea how excited (and slightly dumbfounded) I feel to say “blogging career”. It’s like I actually have a career of it!

A few days back, I received a message on my Instagram about offering me a position in an online website. I replied to the given email immediately and got a reply admiring my posts and offering a position as contributor in the site.

I was a bit hesitant and asked some questions bur finally, I accepted it last night!

I’m slightly worried about whether it would make my time hectic when I’m in college, with posting there regularly. But I figured I’ll sort it out then and to at least be a part of that team for the next month.

I spoke to my friend DJ whom I message anytime I am hesitant about something or to even just proofread my blog posts. He assured me and stuff, and I felt glad that I got such an opportunity!

So yeah, long story short, I accepted to join their team. The site just started this year, I believe, and they have high aims.

Oh have I not told you the link for it yet?


In other news… my blog has turned five months on 16 the of this month. I didn’t post about it but I really want to do something for six months. I don’t have enough cash for a giveaway (I think I’ll leave that for one year blogversary). I have some scraps of an idea in mind but it’s not fully developed yet. More news soon πŸ™‚

And lastly, do you know that I’m co-hosting a twitter chat on the 29th of this month? Visit this post for all the details.

That’s all for today! I hope you have a great day ahead πŸ™‚

55 thoughts on “Blogging career update”

  1. You have no idea how happy I am for you. This is so, so amazing; see, you are doing so brilliantly at this. It astounds me that you’ve only been doing this for five months, because it feels like you’ve been doing it for ever. Well done for getting the opportunity to post on that site, and I’m definitely going to Check it out πŸ™‚

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      1. Hey! so the last time I used skype there were personalised usernames to search people, I think. But I’m not able to find it right now, all it says is my name. Can you search me just by my name? Sumedha Shankar

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  2. Hi, I was recently contacted by My Trending stories about being s contributor as well. Can you give me any details as for what they informed you of? Thanks.

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      1. Yes I did. Its kind of weird though. They responded to you very quickly and from a manager email address and I got one from an admin email address and no response back yet. Oh well. We will see where this leads. Thanks for all your help.



      2. They sent me a message in my Instagram telling to email that address
        They’ll reply to you, there have been some technical problems with the site so they might be busy with that


      3. Yeah Im sure theyve switched to a more corporate structure and just automate the weekend stuff so they can have saturday and sunday off. Thanks for all your help and insight.


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      1. Yeah that’s the same case with me. I jistvstopped blogging there. But I do when I get time. Managing one blog is a crazy task enough.

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      2. Yes it does. At first I was so happy that I got the opportunity blah blah and I promise I’ll post there regularly and they have a competition about who posts 10 posts per week and they get a cash prize. And all that went in the drain when I really started writing! But then I am truing to post something there.

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      3. That’s actually one thing I don’t like about MTS: the most number of posts competition. They should look for quality too, not just quantity

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      4. Yes and most of the times people write the posts which are not posts. Like they’ll write where they’re went to a trip. I mean where’s a post in that! I totally agree the quality should matter a lot!

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      5. Exactly! For a professional website, you would think that totally personal posts without any info/encouragement/advice would be negated. Once, I saw a post about what a person did on their sunday, which was basically lazing around and chilling

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      6. HahaπŸ˜‚ That made me laugh more than it should’ve. Yes and when in future they start their revenue program more money would be in the hands of the people who just lazed around and chilled.

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