This is How I promise to Love You

Today’s guest blogger is Sushmita.

They say if a writer falls in love with you, you will never die. Your love will stay alive in every word they use to spin a new story. So here I am immortalizing the way I will love you.

When I love you, my love will make you forget all the times other people made you felt unloved or insignificant. I will love you like how the sun consumes the darkness.

I will love you like I read my favorite books, over and over again. Each time discovering something new!

I will delve into every corner of every story you will ever say.

I will read between the lines and ask you questions till I can say I know you like the back of my hand. I will love you in the quotes and the words in my Moleskin, quotes that remind me of you. I will love you with every word that I pour onto paper. So that one day I can relive falling in love with you again.

I will remember the color of your eyes and how they change with the light and how they look like the color of earth-kissed by spring rains.

I will need you like the stars need the sky and the seeds need the rain.

I will desire you like a traveller desires to see the world. I will love you with my past and show you all the skeletons I kept hidden so far.

I will show you off to the world with no shame or hesitation. I will hold your hand while walking down the road or driving into the sunset. I will willingly sacrifice and go through the darkest of tunnels because I know you will be my rainbow and my light at the end of the day. I will pour all the love my tiny heart can muster onto you and hope you will do the same.

And if we ever get lost on the way, I will hold on to you a little tighter and kiss you a little longer because when a love like ours comes to life I will never want it to stray.

So I will fight harder than the hardest battle I have fought.

I will never let go; I will never give up.

This is how I will love you.


My name is Sushmita; a 22 year old Indian. I love my coffee, my books and have an unhealthy obsession with stationery. I am a passionate reader and a notebook hoarder! I also love writing and can ramble in my head for hours.

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Twitter: @frventllycurious

Instagram: read.till.dawn

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