One twitter chat: coming up!

Will you be joining us?

Hey everyone!

Charley from A writer named Charley and I are co-hosting a twitter chat all about blogging.


As you can get from the amazing banner Charley made, it will held on June 29th, which is a Wednesday, at 9 am EST, 8 am USA (central) or 6:30 pm IST.

This would also be my FIRST twitter chat since most chats seem to be happening at the time which is not comfortable for me with my timezone, I am really glad to say that this won’t be one of them.

The hashtag used will be #BlogRechargeChat

Make sure to follow us on twitter: Charley – @writercharley ; me – @mebeingquixotic

Now, what is this chat about, you ask?

It’s literally all about blogging. We’ve got around 10 questions to last for around one hour, which will be about blogging. Basically, you and other members of the chat reply with your answers and all bloggers get opinions on what they want in a blog, what they like/dislike etc. This is to “recharge” your blogging and to give you an idea of what you can deliver.

Personally, I’ve wanted to ask my followers time-to-time about what exactly they (you!) want from me. Have you felt this way too? This chat lets you know.

Not necessary that only bloggers must participate, just readers are welcome too. 

So mark your dates and the time! I hope to see you all there! 🙂

P.S. Would appreciate it if you could spread the word, thanks!

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