Mini blogging tip

Hey everyone! So for today, I’m sharing a small tip about blogging which you may or may not already follow.

It’s the way to tag other bloggers.

Now, most of us link the blog’s home page and because of that, especially when it’s in awards or serial tags, those bloggers don’t know that you’ve nominated them unless you tell them.

Instead of spending more time on that again, the simple way to do both at once, is to take another few seconds to go to one of their posts (the latest or about pages are easier) and link that post instead of the homepage. This creates a pingback to that post and the blogger will be notified of it and which post they’ve been tagged on.

Now that person, or if you get a pingback, and it’s on a totally unrelated post or you don’t want it public, you can simply not approve it. That’s it 🙂

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