The ShowItOff tag

Let me just say one thing: I’ve typed this post TWICE and WP deleted all the content when I posted it so I’m seething of rage right now. If I don’t make this post pretty, you know what is responsible for it. 

I wanted to make a post about what I like to show off about and why I like it. It was to say that there’s nothing bad about showing off a bit, it means you like somethings about yourself. Then I thought, why not? Let’s make a tag out of it. *Partially inspired by Luna’s #ProudtobeProud tag*

Should I make rules? Nah. Just say at least three things which you like to show off about yourself or would like to.

Here’s mine:

  • I can do waves with my eyebrows. Everyone knows someone who can wiggle their eyebrows—maybe it’s you. Some can do only one side, others both. What I can also do, aside from up and down separately, is make wave motions with my eyebrows starting from both sides. This irritates my friends to no end but I love doing it even if it is just to lighten the mood.
  • My reading speed and how many books I’ve read. Every time I tell my friends I’ve been holed up all day and read multiple books, they give me such priceless reactions. I mean, you’ve known me for four years! You should be expecting it by now! I still love their reactions though 😛
  • Me taking up projects and trying new things. My friends do something only once in a blue moon day or only during summer, but I keep trying out new things all the time—whether it is blogging (one of the best decisions I’ve made), new drawing styles or like recently, bullet journalling.
  • That I’ve converted people into readers. I’ve made someone get into other books when she loved only Harry Potter for years; others who never read into book lovers. I’m so proud of that and love saying it—mostly to them itself, less to others.

There you have it 🙂 I’m not going to tag anyone for this (because I’m a lazy ass and I’ve done this post enough times). If you want, do it. It gives an excuse to show off on the internet too 😉

7 thoughts on “The ShowItOff tag”

  1. Aw, sorry you had to face those technical problems but I really like this post! I’ll have to do it sometime; it’s important to realize self-worth and when it’s self-worth > bragging. It’s something I’m a huge advocate for so this is absolutely perfect for me :).

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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  2. When I read this all I could think was “We are soo similar!” (except the eye wave thing) I too like to do new projects (I started art journaling last year!) I too try different drawing styles and writing different fonts!
    This was a cool post. I’ll be doing mine too!

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      1. If you LOVE art and drawing and painting you should definitely start Art Journaling! I knew about through YouTube. You can find it there or else I can do a whole blog post about it! (Thanks for a post topic, I was thinking of what to write!)

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