No words

Today’s guest blogger KashafS comes to you with a poem.

A bitter taste to my tongue,
A deafening noise to my ears,
A pungent smell of the quiet breath,
A clasping hand to my throat,
All the way down my gut,
The feeling of speaking no word!
Lost and found were they,
But still stood out of the way,
Just there at the tip,
Without intentions to flip,
And they were,
At the back of my mind,
Some place where my conscious died.
Just there inside,
Trying to read themselves,
And dance in front of my eye.
It’s the unspoken words,
Maybe that matter the most
But maybe not.
They do kill you inside,
Make your mind speak.
And still forbid you,
To speak your mind.
Silenced inside out,
The thoughts that revolve,
The words they speak,
Like hissing snakes,
Like biting stakes,
The freezing cold,
With chills down your spine,
The roaring winds,
Make you hug mine.
That laughter from that memory,
That sob from the sorrow,
Those stammers and those bitten lips,
All tell the tale of a mute glossary.
Little do words know,
The power they hold!
Vicious, the weapons they would be.
If not too timid to tame this world.
Author bio:
I am a new blogger, a young tomboy in her late teens. I love writing articles and poems that circulate around depression, psychological phenomenon, and other dark and intense subjects. I also write season special articles on my blog, along with motivational topics. Visit my blog at Escape Into Words where articles are divided into various categories !

I host guest bloggers on my blog every other saturday i.e. twice a month. For more information visit this page.

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