What you might see from me this month

I don’t think I’ve done such a post before where I tell you what I might post in advance; I usually simply post it randomly.

Anyway, hey everyone! So adding to the already-many number of categories of posts in my blog, this month will be the start of a few more.

Please don’t make it more complicated, you say? Sorry but looke like I am. Day-by-day this blog is becoming so much else (more?) than a book blog. On one hand I’m glad but on the other hand I wonder if it’ll drive all of you away. I love you, don’t go.

To the main point, from now you can expect posts about:

  • Bullet Journalling (I just started so it’s cringe-worthy)
  • Lettering (still a baby/amateur in it)
  • Book tours (reviews, promos, giveaways)

That’s enough?

If you would like to see something else, not see these, or want me to do a type of post(s), feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best!

Have a great month! ❤

11 thoughts on “What you might see from me this month”

      1. So true though! She puts in so much effort in her posts. And they’re really creative too. I love her blog layout: it’s clean, easy to read, and navigate. Now, I just need to make sure she sees this.

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