May Wrap-up!

And another month has flown by!

I know in last month’s wrap-up I said that I’ll add even personal life updates but frankly, the only significant thing is that I cried a lot and went back into depression for a bit. Yeah let’s not go there.

Let’s see the numbers first..

Number of books I read this month: 24

Number of books I reviewed: 12

Number of views this blog received: 1,909

Number of likes and comments: 813, 315

Number of posts published: 45

Number of countries from where I got views: 46

Books I reviewed:

links to my respective reviews


Books I have yet to review:

goodreads links


ALSO ALSO! I finished my Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books and therefore increased the challenge to 165 now.

Miscellaneous things:

  1. Nominated for the One Lovely Blog award
  2. What to have on your blog : blogging tips and suggestions post
  3. What comes after a static front page? Blogging tips and suggestions post
  5. Finally finished my Promises short story series with posting part 4 and also read out the whole story together in a podcast


Guest posts/interview

~I did an interview at Yellow Duck site about depression.

~I also did a guest post at Books Are My Children about the basics of writing book reviews and suggestions.

~Guest posts on my blog were:


Blog improvement work:

  • Added a Review policy
  • Finally added a blogroll
  • Added a Review Index. Now links to all my book reviews are in one place and you can see what all I’ve reviewed.


What did you accomplish this past month? What would/does your wrap-up look like?

6 thoughts on “May Wrap-up!”

  1. You must be an avid reader that you’ve read so many books! It’s great! I too, have read some of the books you’ve reviewed. Only 2. xD
    And belated congratulations on the 300 followers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s such a productive month! Wow, I admire you so much for being such a motivated blogger. You’re constantly reading and writing posts, it’s so aimable and I wish you a wonderful June!

    Liked by 1 person

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