So apparently, I don’t have a life or fate.

Are you ready for a palmistry lesson? Gear up.

So iiiif you don’t know what it means,


Now disregard all the planet shit in the picture and only take notice of the four main lines, i.e., head, heart, fate and life.

Now open up your palms and see. Most of the time left hand is preferred for palmistry. Do you have the lines? It is said that if the delta between fate, life and head is not formed, it isn’t good. Almost deltas are okay but perfect deltas give you perfect balance in life (which my mum boasts of having). If your head and heart coincide, it isn’t good because you can’t think only with your head or go only with your heart.

One fact: if the head and heart line are conpletely one straight line from left to right, no separation, it means the person doesn’t really have a love life. 

If the life line isn’t pretty long, it means you will die early or your life isn’t set. Fate line, same thing. Note: fate and life line have to intersect down in your palm or should be close by and kind of parallel.

All miscellaneous prominent lines are also problematic, but I don’t know that properly for everything. There are some other marriage lines etc etc that I don’t think about—they are not really prominent much for teens, I think.

Now, let’s get on to my (supposed) problem, shall we?

(Sorry for the really close shots) Do you see my “prominent” lines? My head lines are faint—I kind of use my head. My heart lines are faint—I kinda have emotions and feelings. My life and fate lines—what life and fate lines?

Till a year back or so, my parents kept saying I’m still a kid so it hasn’t formed yet, it will soon. But I see my friends’ hands and theirs are properly formed.

Now don’t start thinking that I’m sad about this or feel insecure, I don’t. Just like I’m agnostic, this is all something that I don’t really care about. But! After doing bad in exams and stuff, my mum sees my hands and goes “looks like you don’t have a future”. I beg to differ. I don’t have a future set in stone. Even God almighty has no idea what I’m going to do in life. You know what that means? It’s completely up to me. 

It is a known fact that palmists predict your future and give suggestions, push you in the direction meant for you. I would like to go up to a palmist and show my hands just to get a kick out of their helplesness and confusion as to what they must tell me. 😛

I haven’t yet met sixteen year olds, at least, whose palm lines haven’t become prominent yet.

If you see the practical and realist side, the lines are formed the way your skin folds when you fist your palms. I fist my palms too, why haven’t my lines formed? No idea. But until they actually DO form, you bet I’ll be showing off this quirk.

What about your palm lines? Are they formed properly? Do you have other lines too? Are any of your lines broken up? 

19 thoughts on “So apparently, I don’t have a life or fate.”

    1. Your life is not what you were fated for, basically. When it touches in the beginning (down) it means that you started in one place and life goes one direction mapping the time and fate works on what you do in life. If it doesn’t touch, I’m not exactly sure but I could ask my mom and see if she knows about it.
      Also, do they just don’t touch or are they parallel for a bit? That matters.

      P.S. I’m not really an expert. I’m just saying what my mum told me from reading on the subject. Thanks! 🙂


      1. They don’t touch at the bottom of either palms, then they are parallel until my life line curves a little and touches my head line. I had my palm read once very quickly, it’s so cool your mum knows all about this 🙂

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      2. Ahuh. I’ll ask her when she’s in a good mood and tell you look
        Yeah it is 🙂


      3. I spoke to my mom. She said that they support each other or something. It’s not a problem, that’s normal 🙂


  1. The fate line on my left hand is practically invisible, but the one on my right hand doesn’t touch the life line 😂 they are parallel at first though. Do you have any idea what it means?
    By the way, it’s kind of wonderful how nothing is set in stone, so whatever your palm does/doesn’t tell you, your future is in your own hands xx

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  2. The line, “your life and fate line HAVE to intersect” scared me badly. Mine doesn’t intersect at all!!! and no complete delta formed between head, life and fate lines 😱

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    1. Stahp! I reconfirmed with my mum and she said the font have to touch but they can be close and slightly parallel too. Better off though, but fine if parallel.
      No delta? Well.. I don’t have the lines itself.. 😛

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      1. The lines look like they were planning on intersecting, but then the life line got tired and stopped 😂 my fate line though runs across my palm (from top to bottom) 😅
        What your mom said about your no lines ?🙈

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