This says it









There was another one too, which I’m not able to find at the moment. It said something along the lines of

As she came back home with a PhD to her name, her parents’eyes shone with tears,

And a soul died inside.

It’s not verbatim, in fact it could be pretty different but it was something like that.

All credits to The Scribbled Stories and the respective writers. It’s a page on Facebook and the writers are mostly Indian, so the educational microtales are from what happens in India. There are a lot of other really good ones too, about love, relationships, death etc. I’ve been loving them and I plan to write a couple for them too, hopefully.

12 thoughts on “This says it”

  1. Hey! I challenged you to the 3 Day Quote Challenge! If you accept this challenge, you are supposed to post one to three quotes for three consecutive days. Each of those days, you also challenge three other bloggers to do the same. If you’ve already done it or do not want to, that’s completely fine! Just let me know if you are, so I can read your quotes!

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  2. Gosh, that sucks a lot 😦 Sorry to hear that!

    How is mental health treated in your home country? Culture and mental health is another topic I want to read up and learn about this summer and it may turn out that blogs here may be a resource I can use along with books and articles. :3

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    1. It isn’t, to put it bluntly. Most people don’t think it even exists out of people who need complete psychiatric help. Depression and anxiety are practically unheard of by elders or even if it is, they disregard it.

      Only due to internet and the books and blogs, kids find out what it means and slowly awareness is spreading. We don’t go for counselling or therapy though—it just makes people talk because this is rare and makes the person feel more self-conscious, which makes anxiety worse.

      Check out
      Quite a few bloggers, myself included, spoke about this topic.

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      1. Damn, that sucks 😦
        It’s good to hear some awareness is being to be had, and I hope that in the future it continues to spread and that treatments become more widely accepted there. ❤ My heart goes out to all you peeps.
        Cools, I will definitely check it out! Thank you, hun!! ❤

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  3. This reminds a lot about the movie 3 Idiots. If it’s a girl, then it’s a doctor, if it’s a boy, an engineer.
    Parents put too much pressure on their kids about career here in India. The best institutes have the highest suicide rates bc half the people there don’t even want to be there.
    India needs to grow up.

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