I’m on Snapchat!

After so long of abstaining from social media and uninstalling everything, I’ve finally come back!

I installed Instagram again and got Snapchat for the first time.

What fueled me to it is that all my exams are over (save for an interview) and my friend got these apps recently and begged me to join so she’ll have someone to use it with.

My Instagram is personal though, not a bookstagram. Most of the time, I don’t post much except selfies really.

My Instagram is @aliquis.alius

And my Snapchat username is iridescencey (I think?)Β 

Someone tell me, is the ID searched or the name that I put for myself? Because my name is “chume” on it.

Tell me your Snapchats so I can follow you!

10 thoughts on “I’m on Snapchat!”

  1. I’m booklover1998. If you go to the screen where you take pictures and pull down the ghost, the little name under your big fonted name is what you add people with.

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