Applying for a university

Hello everybody!

In 10th grade, I went to a science fest hosted by a really well known college representing the school. There were about 20 or so of us and so many other schools participated too.

The fest was held for grades 10, 11 and 12 and pre-university students (11th and 12th grades but of different system of education) in the main university instead of the sister pre-university. It was really cool and we walked around a lot and checked out the university too.

In 11th grade I again went to a fest held by a college (not university this time) for engineering and we saw around a lot too.

This year, I have applied to both of the above mentioned in addition to a few others.

I don’t really want to go to the college though, because I didn’t like it much. The university, on the other hand, I really want to be a part of. Its really well known, offers a huge number of courses across various campuses in the city and has an amazing body of students and alumni.

As per my mom’s wishes, I did apply for Computer Science engineering and wrote various tests for it (another one tomorrow), but I want to do English. After trying to convince my mom and giving up a few times, I finally got her to at least let me apply for English.

Today, we went to te university to apply and it seems even better than how I saw it in 10th grade. The admission block is HUGE and it’s so cool. I love the ambiance of the classes and there are small eateries here and there along with a small cafeteria in the basement of the admissions building (more like a mansion). In the cafeteria there was a small shop selling the university’s goodies like jumpers, hoodies, tshirts, notepads, pens, bags etc.

Submitting the application proved to be a hard task and I had to run around a lot. Apparently we have to apply both offline AND online, hand over copies of our results of previous two years, four different sized photos and also the receipt of the application form.

By mistake, I left the receipt at home and in place of it brough the one for engineering (in my defence, they look the same) and didn’t have one of the sizes of photos. Also, after applying online AFTER filling the paper application, I have to print that out too and give them together.

Thankfully, in the basement near the cafeteria, there was a cyber cafe with print, xerox, and stuff for students of the university. Since many people were also suffering with the same issue as mine, most of us had to run around and print things from online. I got my dad to scan the receipt from home and send it to my mail, from where I printed it there. Also, since I had one size of photos, the boys working in that shop somehow scanned it and printed in the other size.

I swear, if that cyber place was not there, most of us applicants would have not been able to submit our application today. Thankful that the people working there were really efficient and helpful.

My mum and I had to do so much. I managed to keep my temper down while mum lost hers once and threw a tantrum like a petulant child. I’m complaining because I was the one running around and thinking of next plan of action while she just sat and looked at me or followed me around. She blamed me for not bringing everything and to calm her down, I said it’s my fault, when really mum didn’t ask everything while bringing the application home a couple days back. *Small rant over*

In the middle we had to wait for my dad to go home and send scan so we roamed around a bit. The hostel area is so cool! There are a couple small bird parks, a small area for ducks and chicken and a couple white pigeon were flying around in an area too!

In my post The sky, the wind, trains and momos, I mentioned never seeing birds do it, well, I saw today in the bird park. I didn’t understand why the yellow bird was humping the blue one from a weird angle at first and after a couple seconds it hit me. My mom said it too. So weird. They literally did it in front of us, standing on a wire. I looked away but later while going back I caught sight of them and this time they were doing it in another way. I was weirded out and partly fascinated lol.

We weren’t allowed to see the girls’ dorms but we saw the outside of the boys and it was really nice. Plus the dorms are inside the campus and really close to the classes buildings so very comfortable. 

We finised it all by 1 (finally!) and headed home. I left home at 8:30am and reached back at 1:45pm. Took so bloody long.

Sure, on the way home when mum kept saying that this is just a fallback option and how somehow she’ll get me into an engineering college, I lost it and snapped at her saying that I’m only applying and writing tests for engineering because she wants me to otherwise I wouldn’t do it of my own accord. I told her to stop saying that this is a fallback option and how engineering is better when I want to do this and NOT engineering. I stopped talking to her after that. I get a concession right? Because I kept my cool the whole time and let her scold me that it’s my fault it took so long. I’m human after all. I am speaking to her normally now but I’m gonna go ahead and forgive myself for snapping at her.

Now I’m studying for the entrance test for another university for Engineering which is tomorrow. Honestly, I haven’t studied much until a few days back and I feel like I forgot everything. I just can’t take the pains to be tensed and study like shit anymore; I just can’t. I’ll do my best tomorrow and if I don’t get qualified, I don’t. That’s it.

There’s an interview for the course I applied for today on 22nd and I have absolutely no idea what to expect because no one I know personally took English at all, rather from that university. I’m just going to try to insert mentioning my blog and books somewhere and hope for the best!

If you’ve read until here, I sorta sympathise with you because I’m not sure all of it made sense and how you stayed with me till here, I don’t know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day ahead!

8 thoughts on “Applying for a university”

  1. Taking English in college sounds fun. I hope you get chosen for what you want (and applied for!). Do tell us about your course in English if you take it, I’ll be glad to know about it because I am thinking of doing something in English after graduation. I hope it works!

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    1. I’ve spoken to a few people who took English/ are taking English this year and I really want to do it! Fingers crossed I get selected 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahahaha, the birds were getting it on. Too bad you couldn’t tell them to stop. 😉
    Oh and what did your mom say after she snapped at her about the English degree?
    Which college are you applying to for English? I would love to see the website.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My mom didn’t say anything. After two years of me saying English, she knows how I feel. We just moved on as if it’s something normal.
      I’m applying for Christ University 🙂


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