The sky, the wind, trains and momos

My friends and I met up again today! For a change, instead of my house we went to my friend JK’s house which is the other end of our line (if you connect all our houses in a line). There were eight of us—six girls (my basic friends group) and two guys we’re good friends with. Since eleventh grade our circle has kind of expanded. We still remain six but others freely join in a lot.

After that around 5 we went up to the terrace and the view was so good! We’d never been up that building before and there was amazing weather—bright enough but not sunny, windy but not too much and only time-to-time. The sky was filled with clouds (we knew it would rain but not for a while) and I could get a tinge of the smell of rain in the air. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the smell of rain?

We explored the terrace for a while, went around trying to determine the direction and which areas we were facing. We tried pointing out places and buildings we knew, and just aimlessly walked around for a bit. One side of the terrace overlooked a train track and when a train was going by, all of us waved to the passengers. We’d done this once before but it was from the ground so more people had noticed us. Since we were high up this time, many didn’t see us and the ones who did just stared and didn’t reply. Oh well. The passengers in the second train a while later though, some waved back.

After about half an hour we sat down in a circle and talked. We spoke, we laughed, we shouted, we said “What?!” so many times. A few times though there was this weird silence that I addressed the second time it happened. We would laugh a lot and suddenly, cease of all sounds. No sounds from surroundings, no wind, no train, nothing. After years and years of talking about school and exams and complaining, we realised that when we removed those things from our conversation, sometimes it didn’t flow so easily. We got back to it soon though. After I addressed the silence, we caught sight of two pigeons standing on the wall top of the terrace. I said how that was the closest I’ve been to any bird and that starts off a topic. 

Two of my friends, Hema and Maiti, hate pigeons. They go off about how it’s so awkward with two especially because they do it anywhere. Apparently Hema had the front row seat a few times at school and Maiti saw when she was visiting her grandparents. It was so funny the way they described it and the stupid, disgusted, expressions they made.

Hema then says that we shouldn’t even compare that to when dogs, cows and elephants do it. By then all of us were laughing so hard but somehow managed to laugh harder. Why would she even see all that? She says that they had to watch elephants do it in a video in school (bio student) and my other two friends who took bio as well started exclaiming “Why?!” I’ll spare you the rest lol. You might not even be thinking this is funny because of my narration but it was! JK made an offhand comment to Hem, “There is human porn available. Why do you want to watch animal porn?” We all cracked up so much at that. (Just for the record, all of us are virgins and will likely be so until the nights of our respective weddings.)

Later, JK’s younger sister called up and asked if she could join us. We’re kind of the “cool kids” for her (because let me tell you we WERE the cool crowd of our batch). We agreed in return for a bottle of water that she brought up with her. Then we made some conversation with her as well and talked about some decent stuff too (lol), because she’s eleven.

We played hop scotch (I think that’s how it’s spelled in english?) which I would need a whole other post to explain. I think I’ll do that some time. It’s a game that kids play until middle grade and we played it soo long back. JK’s sis recommended it and since it brought up good memories, we decided to play it again. All of went o ly one round though, even that took a lot of time.

Then JK’s parents called and said that they bought some momos and since they knew we were here, bought some for us too. JK and her sister brought them up and we feasted on them while the sky gradually became dark. The thick clouds emphasised it more. I loved it. It was slightly windy, we were having nice food, talking, laughing, enjoying.

Finally just after it became fully dark we headed down and since it had started drizzling as well, the rest of us decided to head home. Hem, Manasa and I borrowed an umbrella just in case it poured suddenly.

And that was it! I reached home around 7:30pm which was almost 4 hours after I left home. But you know what? Time well spent.

I hope you had/have a lovely day as well! Don’t hesitate to tell me about it in the comments 🙂

P.S. We forgot to take any pictures at all beause we were so into the moment—enjoying it ❤

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