If you have a queasy stomach, be warned.. 

My mum just told me a bullying story from another city and I’m horrified. Despite hearing how common it is or so many other gruesome stories, bullying is not something that you can ignore or skip over.

Apparently some 12th grade boys beat up an 11th grader in their hostel (boarding school) while the warden was elsewhere. They kicked him with boots and even used an iron rod (god where did they even get it). The poor boy, who was also hit on his privates, had a serious condition and has to be hospitalised for quite a while. I shudder to even think about the mental trauma.

The thing is, the wardens of this school are supposed to be really strict and complete discipline is imposed over there with no funny business. I don’t know how the warden stayed away for so long that things could escalate to such a condition. The boy was found way later by the warden and was rushed to the hospital.

As my mom said this to me, I couldn’t help but imagine it and I’m still horrified at all of this.

I’m so glad that I studied in a school where bullying was/is “uncool”. I know it’s way more than that but in teenage language and what makes you stop is the thought about your reputation, finally.

If any guy even slightly bullies another, immediately the girls go around gossiping about how that was so “not right” and anyone who knows him would talk to him and say he was being stupid and to apologise. Other guys obviously are affected by the girls’ gossip and try to become heroes by solving it out and making sure justice serves. Girls don’t even try bullying because it’s kind of a taboo to us. We prefer icing the person out, or maybe spreading some gossip. That’s it.

I’m glad for that. After listening to stories like this, I know how much I’ve been protected from in my childhood and how naive I am. I’m glad that I haven’t had any experiences like this or anyone I know hasn’t, it’s one step closer to ridding our world of it.

I don’t really have any more words to say. I think I’ll set aside being agnostic for once and pray for the boy a little because there is nothing else I can really do now.


5 thoughts on “Why”

  1. That’s terrible! I am also lucky that I go to a school with a strict disciplinary program so we don’t necessarily bully each other physically. There is a fair amount of verbal bullying that goes around but no one gets physically hurt, which is good I guess.

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