Wrap-ups: the point to it

Most of you might already know everything I mention in this post. But this is kind of telling what I’ve learnt so I’m going to post it anyway.

Wrap-ups are pretty common in the blogging world, especially the book blogging world. The basic idea is to go back and see what all you’ve done, posted and achieved and list them out in a post for your readers/followers.

I’ve only been blogging close to four months. Now, the amount of things I’ve learnt over that period of time is nothing short of phenomenal. If you’re like me and are a dumbass (no offence), you might have hardly known about much when you made a blog. One of the things you see a lot is wrap-ups.

Almost every point about it is a pro:

  • It is beneficial to you because you go over everything and will be happy for all you’ve done or you so be fine and vow to do more next month.
  • Your readers can check and see if they’ve missed anything.
  • Generally writing wrap-up posts are fun.

The last month was the first time I did a wrap-up and even though it was totally only about books and not about my life or anything else, it was fun. But looking around, I see that wrap-ups are not just for books, if you want.

Things that can be included in a wrap-up:

  • What you did in your personal life: such as new friends, school updates, where you went for a trip etc.
  • Things you bought: stationary, clothes, jewellery, basically anything.
  • Finishing up of goals: such as going to the gym everyday, eating only vegetarian food twice a week or venturing to a new part of town alone.
  • Your crafty side: such as a self-made bookmark, home deco, a miniature model with ice-cream sticks etc.
  • All the discussion posts or ones on heavy topics on your blog: listing it all out and looking them. Seeing how you are showing your views about important things.
  • New: bloggers you love, songs you’re obsessed with, amazing book that you recently “discovered”.

And many more. Literally anything you want.

I follow a blog of an author (debut, I think?) who does this weekly. She sets up goals and next week she crossed off which she accomplished and makes new ones for the following week. That’s a really cool system and also to be productive.

Oh since we’re on the topic, she’s looking for beta-readers for her upcoming book. I didn’t take part as I’ve already committed to a lot things and that time is when I’ll be sifting through colleges. If you are interested, here is the post talking about it.

So, the next time I do a wrap-up, expect it to be a lot longer.

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