The sentences that you’ve always heard, but have you listened?

Hello everybody! How are you doing? As a matter of fact, the answer to that question matters in this post.

First, I’m going to talk about something that is present in all our lives—the want to quit.

Whether it is a project, a hobby, a job or an educational stream, or anything else, sometimes we feel like quitting. The issue is to understand when you should actually quit and when you should plough on.

I’ve wanted to quit studying computers, wanted to quit living with my parents, wanted to stop being friends with some people. Sometimes, I want to quit being who I am now and go back to the girl I was in eighth grade, because I felt (feel) like she is a much better person than who I am now. The girl who was quiet, helpful, kind and not at all selfish.

I am here to tell you, don’t quit being who you areYou might want to change but do it for yourself and not for others, not because you feel like only then will other like you or accept you.

Don’t give up something you love, be it hobby, likes, food or whatever. If you’re studying something which is hard and you suddenly feel like quitting, don’t take decisions at a spur of the moment. Think it over well. Why did you start studying that stream? Why did you choose it in the first place? Was it for yourself or for someone else?

Self-introspection goes a long way. Take time to yourself and think. Question yourself. The answers coming back to you might surprise you, and it will guide your way.

How many times have you heard Good has a plan for you? Well God is not going to help you unless you help yourself. Like it is said in Hindi, “hath pe hath rakhne se kuch nahi hone wala“—keeping hand over hand does not help at all. You can’t just sit and wait for a green light or a red light, it’s almost like waiting for someone else to tell your what to do, and you come back to square one.

Listen to yourself, take decisions which will result in you being happy. Are you unhappy being with a friend or in your relationship? End it. There isn’t a point in trying to make something right when it is clear that it won’t work, that’s just wasting time, energy and also your happiness.

Do what you love. It is said so many times that sometimes we don’t even consider that sentence properly. Do you want to be a cook and not a lawyer? Do that. Do you want to study science? Do it. Move forwards.

Live your life every moment of the way. Please stop waiting, thinking at you will have time for it later after you finish going through these years of hard work. In this life, we are required to work hard and be strong all the time. There is no such thing as finish all of it now and chill later. Some other thing will come up. So keep taking breaks and enjoy yourself, do things that are solely for your enjoyment and do not contribute to more money or a secure future. Do things that make you laugh; be with people who make your smile and laugh so much your cheeks start to ache. That is the best ache ever.

Smile for no reason because who really needs a real reason? Smile because it’s a lovely day, smile because the child in front of you is cute, smile at strangers to put a smile on their faces. My mom used to say something when I was young- live in a neighbourhood where you know many people, so whenever you go out, you smile when if it is just to greet. Right now, we live in an area where everyone works at the same office or nearby ones and everyone knows almost everyone else. I go out with my mom and we stop so many times to great people and make small talk. By the time the old smile wears off, we meet someone else.

Tip your head up and soak in the sunrays, rain or moonlight. Because there is no better feeling that to stop for a minute and become one with nature. Relax for a minute, breathe deeply, and open your eyes rejuvenated.

How many of those things do you do? And how many do you want to?

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