How Master Pieces Are Made.


Some of the best sculptors,

Aren’t called so.

Words are their best material

And their master pieces glow.
They glow with the hatred

Embedded into their framework.

They glow with the bitterness

Enclosed in their cloak.
The cloak that shields

The real colours in their eyes.

They make themselves shine

Through the hatred and cries.
Dislike and hate don’t like to be alone,

So they pick up their words to speak.

Speaking and a new sculpture grows,

Strong enough it would never break.
But oil always thrives above water,

And so the day will come,

When sculptures are dropped,

And the lies overcome.

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3 thoughts on “How Master Pieces Are Made.”

  1. Shall we name the pen
    A chisel by any other name?
    Used to craft monuments
    That stand eternal
    So long as they are crafted

    Stones, physically strong
    Can project a story with a single pose
    So how much power
    Can a structure of words
    Truly hold?

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