Can I borrow a minute of your time?

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well.

My stats are drowning, almost literally. I see long big bars but the top most count is only 90 views *I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog and posting average posts*

I hope to do better but—I’m not really sure how.

Hence, I’m asking you guys to take a minute and comment what kind of posts are more preferable, which you like and what you want to see more.

I usually do:

  • Reviews
  • Writing
  • Book talk
  • Journal/personal posts
  • On blogging and tips


Comment your preferred topic and if anything else comes to mind that I’ve not listed, that too.

Thanks lots! xx

12 thoughts on “Can I borrow a minute of your time?”

  1. I think all topics are good. I have a personal taste on journals but maybe you should pick the one you feel more passionate about, that way.. the posts will be perfect. Cezane

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  2. Reviews , writing and personal posts are perfect!
    Plus views do matter, but they don’t matter much!
    I usually get about 40 or so a day and one some days, like weekends it goes up, my highest being 83 :p
    Well, its your blog and you have fun doing it, that’s what matters!

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  3. Stats aren’t everything. Even if they are down right now, doesn’t mean it will be that way for ever. Post what you want and enjoy it and we will enjoy it also 😊

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  4. Don’t feel depressed by seeing the level of your stats going down. Have a look at my blog… Very few people read it! But I will keep on writing whatever I like to. It’s not about others, it’s about you… Your likes… Your dislikes😉 but as you want a suggestion from my side, I would go for the topic “writing”!

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  5. Personally, I enjoy everything you write. I find you are passionate in every post. Whether that be passionate about something in a almost-negative light or a positive light, that depends, but it is passionate. On my blog, I write about everything and anything under the sun basically. The majority of my content is about writing and reviews, though. My stats are wayyy lower than yours. Some days no one looks at my blog and my top is 55 views for one day. How do you organize your stats? Do you do spreadsheets or do you simply look at the WordPress Stats? Thank you! You will continue doing great things through this blog.

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    1. Thank you for that!
      I just look at WordPress starts about max once a day. Sometimes I forget so I see the next day or something. That’s how I only realised now because I didn’t see my stats for a while.

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