Today’s guest blogger Frank Einstein comes to you with a short scene.

I woke up to darkness. I couldn’t remember how I got here. At first, the place seemed aphotic, but as my eyesight adjusted, I could see bright dots in the distance, high up in the sky. The ground felt sandy, like a beach. There was a pleasant petrichor. That lifted my spirits.

“Hey, anyone out there?”, I asked with apprehension, venturing forward. I realized I was annoyingly calm, my legs were actually still. “Mom would be proud”, I said, chuckling. Just then, I heard a deep, sonorous sound coming from deep in the darkness. I ran forward, stumbling through the sand. It felt good, felt like home; I was starting to like the place, as I approached an area which was dimly lit.  I slowed down, walking slowly towards the light as I discovered the silhouette of a person far away.

“Hey! Where am I?”, I screamed out to the silhouette. It didn’t move. I kept walking towards it, and as I got closer, I saw a structure to my right; half-built, it looked like it had been abandoned. I kept moving forward, not realizing that I was running out of land. I first realized the presence of the water body when my feet started feeling wet. The water was still, weirdly calm. I noticed that the air felt stale in the proximity of the water body. I was suffocating, but I felt an ineffable need to get to the silhouette. As I moved along the shore, the structure became increasingly visible. It was the remains of a beautiful bridge. An ethereal light seemed to emanate from it’s exquisitely designed white marble. Fear started to creep in, as I grasped that while the bridge was abandoned, but it wasn’t half-built. It’s ends seemed contrastingly dark, charred really. There seemed to be two ends, both similarly charred. It was burnt, as if someone had puprosely burnt it in a demiurgic technique. The water was black, like the river Styx, as if symbolizing that it couldn’t be crossed. Inside me, my head raced, trying to figure out why all this seemed familiar. I felt like I was simply revisiting an old memory, like the silhouette was a person I once knew.

As my eyesight recalibrated, I could see that there were more bridges, each with a silhouette at its end and burnt in the middle. Looking straight ahead, I could see what seemed to be the brightest spot. It was a bridge with a silhouette at the end, just like all others. However, this time the person at the end of the bridge was still on it and this bridge wasn’t burnt. Moreover, it had another person on it. This other person was bent over and seemed to be spreading something  in the middle, completely oblivious to the person at the end, who seemed to be walking towards the middle, towards me. I ran towards the bridge, stumbling through the sand. It seemed to take an eternity to get there, but as my proximity increased, I could see that the person had struck a match, and was about to throw it on the last bridge. “NOO, STOP”, I screamed, begging him to not throw it. He turned back, perplexed. He saw me, seemingly recognizing me. He shook his head, and threw the match.

The instant the match touched the bridge, a wave of excruciating pain enveloped me. The last thing I saw as I was blacking out, was the arsonist walking towards me.




Hey, I’m FrankEinstein, 18 years old and certified lunatic (certification by my closest friends haha). I started my blog because I needed a medium to rant and I’ve always loved ranting, but as it grew, so did my writing skills (or that’s at least what I like to think), and I started working on  making decent writing out of my emotions. My blog’s split into two parts. One is randomly themed articles, which essentially are my way of calming down, and the other is random parts of a book titled, ‘The War Within Me’, which I’m trying to finish. I’m always open to feedback, and I prefer negative constructive feedback. I hope you like some part of my blog, and have a good day 🙂

I host guest bloggers on my blog every other saturday, i.e. twice a month. For more information, see this page.

6 thoughts on “Bridges”

      1. Perhaps give your protagonist a moment of clarity at the end? He says the place feels familiar, and burning bridges is usually meant to symbolize the ending of a potential relationship. Then at the end he blacks out without coming to any sort of realization of what’s happened and why. Unless, of course, you wanted it to end that way so the reader could find their own ending. Which is also brilliant. Oh no I’m ranting, sorry! I look forward to reading more from you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re right towards the end; I like keeping it open to perception to people who don’t know me, or haven’t read my previous pieces while putting in subtle clues to people who have. Nevertheless, thank you, I’ll definitely keep this in mind next time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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