Sweet thing || more ranting than reviewing

sweet thing.jpgTitle: Sweet thing

Author: Renee Carlino

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


“You have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together… then you’ll hear the sound of your soul.”

Mia Kelly thinks she has it all figured out. She’s an Ivy League graduate, a classically trained pianist, and the beloved daughter of a sensible mother and offbeat father. Yet Mia has been stalling since graduation, torn between putting her business degree to use and exploring music, her true love.

When her father unexpectedly dies, she decides to pick up the threads of his life while she figures out her own. Uprooting herself from Ann Arbor to New York City, Mia takes over her father’s cafe, a treasured neighborhood institution that plays host to undiscovered musicians and artists. She’s denied herself the thrilling and unpredictable life of a musician, but a chance encounter with Will, a sweet, gorgeous, and charming guitarist, offers her a glimpse of what could be. When Will becomes her friend and then her roommate, she does everything in her power to suppress her passions—for him, for music—but her father’s legacy slowly opens her heart to the possibility of something more.

A “heartbreaking and romantic” (Aestas Book Blog) debut, Sweet Thing explores the intensity and complexities of first love and self-discovery.

My review:

Starting with something easy, let me talk about the plot. It’s good, okay, fine. But to make all the heartbreak and events occur, those catalysts were not good. The only thing I liked about the plot is that it started with them meeting in an aeroplane. I genuinely like when the characters meet in a plane, and so I thought this story might actually be good. Oh boy, was I wrong.

Which brings me to Mia. Oh Mia Pia Mia, why you be like that? She has a good guy Will whom she doesn’t want to date because he is a musician and doesn’t have a proper job yet.

I could literally HEAR the condescending tone in her voice when she said, repeatedly, “a musician“, “a starving artist”, like it’s a lowly type of people not worth her time.

The death of her father hit her hard, yes we get it but it doesn’t mean that is ANY reason why she shouldn’t date Will. He’s caring, supportive, funny, sexy, amazing and yet, she rejected and hurted him so many times. She is an ultimate cottonhead. Nothing in there.

She wants a “stable, rich guy” and so she dates banker Robert who is a complete ass! He is not social, not fun, narrow-minded, not a proper guy at all (I understand why his wife left him) and YET Mia dates him for so long!

I don’t want to spoil you but considering I’m not really recommending it, I’ll just go ahead and say it. Finally Mia accepts Will and has sex with him, because of another death and only cuz she wanted him to make her feel good, (and called herself his girlfriend only out of jealousy later). When he doesn’t take up a good, high paying job and says it’s for her, all she can think of is that he is jobless and threw the chance of his life away. She called him a loser when he said he wants to marry her and have kids! I mean, WHAT!

And Will, dear Wilbur, such a good guy. The only complaint I have with him is that he came back to her and accepted her even though she was nothing but a bitch to him. She even got back with him and said yes only when she found out that he opened up a studio and it’s a success! I felt like diving into the book, knocking Will on his head and screaming at Mia (and maybe throttle her).

Overall, the story is kind of okay but the characters ruined it. I didn’t like how Will took her back. I didn’t wish to have an epilogue and see them later with babies, which I usually want, and that shows just how much I didn’t like it.

Rant/review over. Not adding a Goodreads link, sorry, no. There are a few good reviews on there and if you want to check them out and decide I’m being stupid for once, please go ahead.

I also read this another review which is basically how I felt. So much! Here is the link to it. (P.S. It has a lot of cursing, as is warranted)

11 thoughts on “Sweet thing || more ranting than reviewing”

      1. Yeah, a little while ago… I don’t really remember the details of it, just that I was really frustrated during the time I read it 😂

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  1. Full of sassy remarks, cute and funny insults and remarks, This review was more entertaining than the book description haha. I would admit, the plot line would be something I would be interested in too but now all that sounds good are actually good so I will not be checking that out. Oh And I usually like a litttle chasing from the characters and when things don’t go right like somebody repeately hurting the other because it makes it real as I don’t think love is all happy going all the time. But the way the girl is described as only wanting a rich guy kind of ruin it for me too.
    Great Amazing review btw, it was super entertaining 🙂 😀

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    1. Thank you! I sometimes do like te hurting thing but not only in one direction. Hurt each other, tear each other apart and buil together again. She was being a complete bitch though 😛

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  2. […] Another book, which I read recently where the characters met on an aeroplane was Sweet thing by Renee Carlino. Unfortunately, that was the only part I really liked about the book. I gave it only 2/5 stars. You can read my review here. […]


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