April Wrap-up!

This is my first official wrap-up!


This GIF might not be exactly appropriate here but I saw it in another blogger’s post and really like it (because Michelle from Full House! <3) so I’m gonna use it!

On to the books..

Ones I’ve reviewed:

(Click on the title links to go to my review)

Books I’ve read but haven’t reviewed:

(Links open to Goodreads pages)

Read but yet to review:

(Link opens to Goodreads)


Comparing to the first three months of this year, I’ve read less (like really less) but I’ve also done a lot of other stuff like activities, consistently posting, writing and studying. I’m still calling this month a success.

My Goodreads challenge stands at 86 out of 100 books. I’m pleased! 😁

To see all the books I’ve read this year, my ratings etc visit my Goodreads stats page which is a pretty cool thing, according to me. Each year is displayed as a bar with number of books read. You click the “details” button and it drops down a menu of that year with the books sorted through rating. Just see it, it’s really cool.

What/how many books have you read this month? How are you faring with your Goodreads challenge?

8 thoughts on “April Wrap-up!”

  1. YAY! Your first wrap up! I loved doing my first one as well. It definitely made me feel like I actually did something this past month because I was not feeling that way. Did yours feel that great? And Michelle from Full House is always necessary!

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