I came across this article on the side entertainment edition of today’s Times newspaper. I’m not able to find the article written by Anjali Muthanna online so I’ll just quote all of it here because it basically explains everything about the hashtag.

What it is: People using the hashtag #WhatYouDontSee to shed light on the not-so-well-known aspects of struggling with depression.

How it started: An organisation dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of depression called Blurt launched the hashtag campaign, asking people to share their experiences. Since then, people have been tweeting about not only their experiences, but also in support of people suffering from the condition.

How it’s done: Encapsulate an aspect of what it feels like to suffer from depression and tweet it. You can even post a picture of an inspirational saying along with the tweet.


This tells it how it is.

I like that the organisation Blurt is taking steps to spread awareness about this and as I said only this morning in an email about depression, depression (and also anxeity) is not widely known and acknowledged in my country. At least, around me, the practice of going for counselling or to talk to someone isn’t received well.

Such a coincidence that I saw this in the paper today! Expect a tweet from my side with the hashtag soon (if you’re following me, of course) 🙂

11 thoughts on “#WhatYouDontSee”

  1. around where I live , when people talk about counselling the associate it with being mental an d I really dont know why .. I doubt people can tell whether they are in depression .. the world really needs some awareness

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  2. I’m really glad to read this post from you and I found it really interesting. I noticed every time I would mention that I suffered and still am suffering from depression to my friends , they get really uncomfortable even teachers . It’s really unfortunate that people get immediacy uncomfortable when we mention issues like depression anxiety self harm. I wish they can be open about it and learn about it so that they can help family members heal a little better or adjust to it. I wish it was more recognize and people were aware of it more in my country too and in the world. I will definitely support it by tweeting about it 👌🏿
    Ps. The online magazine I was talking about is officially launched today and it is a shared blog created by a blogger here by the name jerod. It’s a creative magazine in which we ( all the bloggers who joined ) will focuse on topics such as writing photography cooking music and graphic design and the topics are divided. There’s some people working on writing others on photography and so on and you can choose two topic to focus on if you want. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think you will be a great addiction to the team and you can still join so if it is something you think it’s interesting ,then I can send you the link. ☺️

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      1. Oh okay that’s good I can’t wait to see you on the team. You’ll make the second blogger I know there haha. It will be nice to hear from a familiar face ☺️

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