I am not being fake

Starting my audio blog and doing recordings have set off comments about how my accent isn’t Indian and how it sounds fake. I haven’t said anything about it until now but this morning I am feeling very strongly about it.

I KNOW THAT MY ACCENT ISN’T LIKE OTHER INDIANS. I am not trying to mimic Americans or British in an effort to seem more cool. Because lets face it, I am cool enough by myself to not need the accent. I am completely fine and happy being an Indian.

The first language I started speaking was Kannada because the people in the day care I used to go to since I was six months old, as both my parents worked, they spoke Kannada and I learnt that. But I’m a Tamilian. Only after I left day care when I was 7 were my parents able to fully teach me Tamil and reinforce that Tamil in my mother tongue. In the process, I kind of forgot Kannada beause I had no one to speak to in it anymore. Result, I’m not good at either languages.

I’ve been told a lot in real life too how I am not A REAL TAMILIAN because I can’t speak it flawlessly. Well I can’t do anything about that it’s kind of too late now for me to get the accent and flow!

I speak Hindi flawlessly. I don’t mean to brag but I do. I keep getting told that I sound more like a north Indian than a south Indian and most people say that they never thought I’m a Tamilian until I told them. Even though my parents look like proper Tamilians you would understand on sight, I’m more taken to be a north Indian. I don’t know how that happened but I can’t change my looks to look more like a Tamilian! This has been a major problem for me since I was in elementary/primary school.

Even though I write in English, I speak Hindi better. I stutter while speaking in English but Hindi is just perf. I am an Indian. 

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been told that I don’t sound/look like a person of my heritage? And every single time I’m told that, it sounds like I’ve done a very big crime.

I get the accent because of the number of English tv shows and movies I watch, the number of English songs and I sing and try to sing so perfectly that now I just acquired the accent. I DO watch Hindi shows and movies and listen to Bollywood songs. I DO speak Tamil and listen to a few songs and see a few movies. I DO understand Kannada and Telugu even if I cannot speak it properly.

I have no problem being an Indian and a Tamilian that I would resort to faking my whole self.


“You don’t sound like an Indian.”

“You’re more like a north Indian.”

“Are you really a Tamilian?”

“Your accent is fake.”

“Maybe you could try to sound more normal?”

I am who I am. I’m not faking any of this.

Thank you very much. *being sarcastic, if you didn’t get that*

22 thoughts on “I am not being fake”

  1. YOU ARE NOT FAKE. YOU ARE YOU. I’m honestly shocked people would say that – because whatever accent you have, you’re Indian. You’re PROUD to be Indian, and that’s great, because you should be.

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  2. I can relate to this. :’) Don’t give a damn to those, who say this. Be who you are, and what you want to be. It’s your life and you don’t have to expound to anyone for why and how you got an amazing accent. Let them die out of jealousy. Stay blissful. 🙂

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  3. People just have to pick others out for everything, even if it’s something they don’t understands. It’s petty and ridiculous. I’m glad you were able to point this out though 😊

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  4. you shouldn’t care much and I can totally relate , I’m Indian too though I dont have an Indian accent , remember people are always there to stop you at every step but that shouldn’t keep you from going forward ..:)

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  5. *lightupthesarcasticnightstars*……. nice post… you didn’t sound like that when we spoke though… 😉
    Well all I’d say is that you shouldn’t get pissed off at every negative comment you get online.. the online world is the world of trolls , how would you survive?
    (P.S. Thanks for dedicating 2 of your posts to me already.. .. I am not being fake and A few reasons..) . I feel flattered by your attention!


    1. If you read properly, this post wasn’t just about the online world. It’s also about how I look and everything. This blog is also used by me to rant about stuff.
      P.S. you weren’t the only one who commented on my accent. And you’re totally entitled to your opinion. I just thought I’d post about it


  6. Well, I was actually thinking you’ve been all around the world .. mainly UK and USA for the accent …. And I really don’t know how it can be fake … but it sounded pretty cool!
    I think you should let it be as it is! makes you stand out in the crowd! and well it’s hell with the people who don’t get you, you’ll find people who don’t think you are fake! 😀

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