Book playlists: what, why and want?

Book playlists are a bunch of songs perfect to listen while reading a specific book. They can be put together by the author or anyone else.

A lot of people listen to random songs on their playlists while reading and sometimes the songs are completely in contrast with the scene and you have to come out of the book’s world and change it. It can be irritating, but that problem is solved with book playlists.

It can be released by the author separately but most people don’t even know that the specific book has a playlist or like Erin Noelle in her books Ambrosia and Euphoria, the author can mention a couple songs in the beginning of the chapter.

Personally, I don’t usually listen to music while reading but sometimes when I need to drown out my surroundings or if I’m alone and I just feel like having some music in the background, I play some. Mostly I prefer slower songs and melodies. Fast songs and hard beats are kind of distracting while reading.

I suppose you could easily get book playlists by readers and authors alike on channels like Spotify but Spotify isn’t available in all countries (much to my dismay). A few people make playlists on YouTube as well but most others download ahead of reading and listen at leisure.

What are your opinions on book playlists? Would you like to listen to them while reading?


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8 thoughts on “Book playlists: what, why and want?”

    1. Not always. That’s why I prefer slower songs because they have more background music and words just mellow into it.
      Sometimes though, like when a scene is taking place at a party and some song is playing, you’re listening to it too and it makes the imagination more easy.

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