When looking at books…

A rant post about books and memories.

For no reason I could fathom, I randomly decided to go on the Amazon app on my phone to see offers on books.

What I saw:

Girl on the train – 225 Rs. (as compared to the 600 Rs. I saw in the bookstore the other day)

The Heir – 244 Rs. (Always almost the same rate but I never wanted to buy until now. I want to complete the series with all the pretty covers now)

The Crown – 245 Rs. (Pre-order. OMG THAT COVER *.* )

A court of mist and fury – 279 Rs. (I don’t have the inclination to buy it that much though)

City of Heavenly Fire – 297 Rs (ONLY! Since this book is big, it usually costs a lot but the new pretty edition is so less! So wanna buy this!)

Unfortunately though, Throne of Glass and Ignite Me don’t have any offer on them. *cue me wailing* I’ve been following up on these books for MONTHS and their prices never go down! I got the other books of Throne of Glass series for a pretty good rate (max 350 Rs.) but the first book is priced at least double the rest.

I get it, first books are priced higher but what about Ignite Me?? It’s price is way more (almost double) than the other two books. *cue me wailing again*

A few weeks back, my mum asked me if I had enough money. We don’t have a pocket money system so I just save off the change I get when buying things and running errands for my parents. Half the time though, my mum takes the money because she’s running low and didn’t go to the ATM. I usually keep track and remind her that I need money! Because I might want to go out with my friends and eat or something and my parents might not be at home.

So that day, I replied that no I had only 10 bucks because she took the rest. She says fine she’ll give me and said two thousand bucks. Now, I’m pretty good at saving up money but if you give me a big amount at once, for sure I will spend it. On books. I told her, “what? Not so much! Don’t trust me with that much money!” I don’t think she knows the extent of my craving to buy books. She knows I really want more and put a ban on buying books, but if she just hands over money? For sure I’ll buy them behind her back. Sorry not sorry.

Now, I have a bit of money saved up and can buy books but damn! I want all of them and I don’t know which to spend on! This warrants a visit to the library.

I messaged my bestie (whom I have not met in DAYS!) and said let us go! She’s not a book lover but she’s completely fine with accompanying me to the library and watching me fangirl. Before I stopped my membership due to 12th grade exams and work, everytime I went she would come along and we’d talk loads on the way. We hang out so much, not speaking for two days or not meeting for a week feels weird. She’s my best friend, need I say more? I don’t know how I will survive if either of us move. No chumé, don’t become sad thinking about it. 

So! I’m hoping that luck will turn my way soon and Flipkart or Amazon have a really big sale offering discounts on books I really really REALLY want.

What are the books that you are really craving at the moment? Following up on any books? Wailing because you need more books? Comment and let’s talk about it!



4 thoughts on “When looking at books…”

  1. I really want to read ‘Ascend’ by Amanda Hocking!!! It’s the third in the series. I’ve just read Torn, the second one, and I really want to know what happens next. They’re are really great series so far. You should try them out!!

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  2. I feel like this too at times. But I’m kind of tight with money. So I’ll be about to buy books, see how much they are, recoil and then dig around in my Dad’s books for something to read instead – that’s probably why I read so many old books haha

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