The long overdue A part of my Q&A

Finally, this post has been sighted by you!

Two times I asked for questions so here you go!

The following questions have been asked by Luna:

What are your favourite holidays and how do you celebrate it?

I don’t really have specific fav holidays because I literally love all holidays. That too, in India we have so many holidays (many lasting only a few days at most). I guess I would finally say Winter break for Christmas and New Year because my birthday comes then.

What country would you choose to be named after?

A country whose name is good for a girl. Like Alaska. Seriously though, I would only concentrate on how it sounds. Truly, I don’t know.

What’s your favourite knock knock joke?

Definitely the one referring the Harry Potter story.

Voldemort: Knock knock

James Potter: Who is there?

Voldemort: You know who.

James Potter: Shit.

I know this was a sad part and all that but this cracks me up every time.


These following questions were asked by

How did you come up with your blog name and what are some goals you have for your blog in 1 year ( where do you see your blog)?

Truthfully, I wanted to make a blog and I spend so long wondering what to name it that didn’t sound bookish (even though this was supposed to be just a book blog) and sounded nice and unique. Thought about the stars. Viola!

I see my blog having better content, reviews and a blogger who is finally on NetGalley in one year. Seriously though. I also hope that my blog is still humble, still likeable for having a personality (as I hope it is now to) and exists somewhere in the blogosphere’s map.


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