Today’s guest blogger is Mukthi Raja


Underneath the unending sky,
The blue beauty bejewelled in gold,
I sit and stare blankly.
Oh, the skies speak to me;
Gently, very gently she says,
“Come with me, darling.”
Its lips, the wind,
Softly plants a peck on my cheek
and lifts me away, higher and higher; away from the world of reality.
Oh she cradles me like a daughter;
The blue beauty makes me giggle.
She laughs along, like a mother would.
She shows me heaven,
She feeds me the best of delicacies. I look down from her arms,
And the troubles of the earth
Seem to have settled.
But, the sky, she tells me
“From far away, everything, dear child,
It all looks majestic, go closer dearest, closer to find it is not all so majestic .”
How innocently did I believe the sky,
That motherly figure, the blue beauty.
“But, oh from from far away, dear child it all looks majestic, go closer dearest,
Closer to find it is not all so majestic ”
Said the sky, my saviour from the earth
And held me tight in her arms.
So much love, the blue beauty;
“Majestic I am dear child”
“Yes you are ”
” From far away only.”
She dropped me.


Hey there!
 I am Mukthi Raja from Hyderabad, India.

I am 17 years old and writing is more than just a passion to me, it is almost like my escape from reality and a way to rant. writing helps me express things I would never say out loud.

Talking about me as a person , I am a bit introverted as in being socially active is not my type of a thing, but I do not like being alone for a long time! I mean , I like having friends too but in this world I have realized everybody is fake ; so a few friends , some delicious food (that s the code for pizza) and a little time for myself and I am a happy girl!! ‘


I host guest bloggers every other saturday i.e. twice a month. For more information, see this page.

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