Warnette fanfiction on WP???


But, like, seriously.

Warnette is my fav OTP like sooooooo much. If I’m asked what’s my OTP I guess I would say Percabeth or Malec but I gush mostlyabout Warnette. You so much as MENTION Warner, Juliette or Warnette and I go off talking and talking and talking about them.


I have one favourite person who writes THE BEST EVER WARNETTE FANFICTION LIKE OH MY GAAWD WRITE MOOOORE. I haven’t really read much fanfiction else but I found hers on Tumblr and I went all SQUEEE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

That was during the time when she did a ’25 days Warnette’ thing. Recently I went back and found that she compiled ad put links wth short descriptions about what happens in one page. So guess which link is forever going to be bookmarked on my phone? THAT ONE!


So I decided to check out for Warnette fanfiction on here. I searched with the tag and got only TWO results which were Ignite Me reviews!!! Not even fanfiction!!


I’m just gonna go.. Finish Heir of Fire because Rowaena ❤

*mental note to search for Warnette fanfiction online.

Oh P.S. for any of you who also love Warnette and get googly heart eyes and swoon everytime you think about those two and their love and the scenes and the chemistry…ARGH! I can’t stop gushing!

I am including the link for the page with all Warnette fanfiction links what I mentioned earlier below.

Warnette fanfiction! ❤ You will find ones with smut (my fav), not much smut, no smut, daily mundane stuff and so much more. Plus, Warner is just perf ❤

To those who have read until here and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, PLEASE READ THE SHATTER ME TRILOGY BY TAHEREH MAFI AND JOIN ME IN FANGIRLING!

Peace out. Hardly.


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