Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 4/21

I did a guest post for the thursday teenager spotlight.

Making Time For Me

Hi! I’m Sumedha, also known as Iridescence, from light up the shining night stars. I’m 17 years old and I live in India. I’ve just completed my 12th grade and will be going to college soon – for either computer science engineering or literature.
Being a teen in India is being ruled by academics. You are judged by your marks in core subjects like math and not through your talent or personality. Most parents pressurise their children to study better, work harder, be on the top. When we say that we want to deviate from the usual higher education streams like Engineering or Medical, we are scorned. Going our own way is a risk. Since here teens don’t work part-time jobs and earn, we are dependent on our parents to fund for college, and they put restrictions on what course we must join.
That is only the forefront. We…

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