Buddy review and book club?

I read a post today (which I also reblogged) which suggested posting buddy reviews to make book reviews interesting and get more views.

I had this idea for a while for a book club with us book bloggers but I didn’t really know about how it would work. Then it had me thinking about google chats and stuff. But, I couldn’t formulate how it would properly work.

Then this buddy review thing came up and since a friend of mine from twitter and I decided to read a book together, I thought I could do a buddy review with her on it later. I still haven’t put forth the idea to her yet but I think she’ll be fine.

Then then then I thought we could make some sort of a book club. Basically,

  • All of us read one book a month together
  • I ask questions on points that I think we can discuss and debate on.
  • I put all of it together with each person’s ratings and post it.

That way, you, the reader, get many points of view from one blog post itself. Sure, I might put up a normal review as well but this could be done in the sidelines too.

This would take place through emails and email chats, from what I’ve thought till now. That way I can send each of you questions and you can reply; and group chats/email conversations also can take place.

Then comes the factor of “too many people”. I don’t mean to sound obnoxious but what if many people join in? It would be confusing for the reader to follow up with many names. I think three people on one book at a time would be fine. Max four.

So! Either we’ll have many books and split up into groups or whoever wants will read and I interview only a few.

Let me know what you think about this idea, and if you would want to join. I really want to do this though, I think it would be fun. I’m excited! (To myself: This hasn’t even taken off calm down)

15 thoughts on “Buddy review and book club?”

  1. Reblogged this on light up the shining night stars and commented:

    I’m taking this idea off!
    I will try it out next month. If it works, obviously I’ll host this again.
    I’ve got about three people on board yet (counting those who commented on the original post), but always open for more.
    If you’re interested in joining, either comment here and I will send you an email or you can directly send me an email at iridescencey@gmail.com

    Happy reading!


    1. You can! Good timing, I was just thinking about which book to read. Send me an email, I think I mentioned it in the post


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