Don’t do these as a blogger

Blogging is a serious hobby, a venting method and it is also partly like social media. You want to update it, post, get likes and comments, receive feedback etc. Everytime another person follows you, you do an internal happy dance. For every ten people, I consider it a milestone.

But keeping track of all of it, blogging consistently and putting so much effort can sometimes bring you down. How? It makes you obsessed with checking your blog. Ask yourself-like facebook, instagram, whatever else site/app, do you check every couple minutes after you publish a new post? See the number of likes? If you got any comment?

As much as it might be hard, if you do all of that, try to stop. This isn’t meant to be another version of the above mentioned social networks.

Highlighting points, here are a few things you could consider:

1. Don’t check your stats more than once a day.

I never used to check my stats and for a few days after “discovering” it, I became obsessed with it. The bars and number stats are catchy. Now, I have managed to reduce to once a day or even less. Yes, my blog is doing considerably poor compared to Feb and March as per the stats but I can’t help it.

Yes, it is true that your stats increase if you publish more posts per day. But please don’t bombard your followers.

I saw a couple good posts by some digest blog and decided to follow. My reader was completely filled with their posts after that. One day occurence, okay; two days, let’s see; third day and I’m out. I unfollowed the blog. At least space your posts out, try not to post them all consecutively with less time gap.

I do that sometimes, spamming, but not intentionally. I did it yesterday with four posts but that was because of reblogs and accidentally not scheduling the last post. But it’s one day. Even though I got more stats out of it, I still cringe thinking about it. I myself don’t like seeing all of them lined up.

2. You know that part of your mind nagging you to write a blog post even though you’re feeling uninspired? Ignore it.

I am speaking completely from my experience, my posts suck when I’m uninspired. I try to push out writing, discussion posts, whatever and I feel hugely unsatisfied. Finally, for the next few hours at least, I come on WP again and again and contemplate trashing it. Don’t make yourself go through that.

You haven’t posted for a week? Its okay. You can take a break, a vacation, a whatchamacallit. Your followers will be there. Sure, your stats might be low, hardly any notifications to see, and WP might even send a notice to you. Don’t let that pressurise you. Get back on your own pace.

3. Don’t forgo having an ‘about’ page on your blog.

Not sure if this comes under thoughts topic but I’ve wanted to mention this for a while. Most blogs have about pages, but I still see some that don’t. Most times, I find new blood through tags, I like their latest post and instead of scrolling down for more posts, I just check out the about page. Even if the person is taking about themself, it somehow comes about what they blog about. I see that, I follow of I want to.

With me, About pages go a long way. They’re important. It’s part of the reason why I decided to keep a static homepage. There, I mention what I blog about and in the about section I talk about who I am.


Is that enough for now? I suppose so. Let me know in the comments if you can think of some more things that a blogger would be better off avoiding. All of your experiences help 🙂

21 thoughts on “Don’t do these as a blogger”

  1. I’ve never been really upset about stats, but I used to get a little worried. Because at the start of my blogging journey, my stats were going up and up, but now my stats have sort of plateaued, because I’ve gained a secure and consistent audience and even thought this doesn’t look good on my stats, I know the people who read my posts actually care about what I’m writing and that honestly matters to me much more than a ton of ‘ghost followers’ or whatever.

    I think I’ve become more confident with my blog now and I don’t seek the validation of stats to ‘prove’ that I’m doing okay and if I’m content with my writing, I’m happy and it doesn’t matter as much about my likes etc. Although I enjoy the feedback element of WordPress as much as the next person, comments definitely make me the happiest, because I cherish the sense of community we have on WP.

    Anyway, I went on a bit there and you probably weren’t asking for an essay. Great post anyway my dear, I think you gave some fabulous tips and I enjoyed reading your post (as usual)

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    1. Haha thanks! Pretty much the same on stats here. People do consistently read my posts and that makes me really happy because I have a good following! Stats don’t show any of that

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  2. Thank you for this post!!
    Also, I love all of your blog’s book reviews. I never have the proper time to meet with people IRL for a “book club”, and that’s why I created my blog. Since then, I have spent a good time trying to find other blogs with similar content. I enjoy reading your reviews, although I don’t like that I have now had to add additional books to my reading list haha. I look forward to reading more in the future from you and your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      Also, welcome to the blogosphere!! We are very polite and lovable 😛
      I have the same problem with IRL friends and had to covert some into readers so I can talk.

      Plus, that’s my life goal! Lengthening TBR list 😉

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