Keeping up with your blog and finding content

I’ve only been blogging three months and after so much positive feedback, amazing new friends and the talented blogs I’ve discovered, I only want to make more of an effort into blogging. Recently, I’ve been realising how to get good topics, post interactive content and how to not forget. 

Use your phone.

This is the 21st centure, y’all have phones. USE THEM.

If you don’t already have one, download a notes app on your phone. Bonus if it allows colors. Start using it.

Forgetting is one of my main problems. I go out, do some activity or whatever and suddenly the idea for a blog post pops into my head. Immediately, I think about lines I would say, the paragraphs, what I could quote etc. But by the time I reach home and open up the new post page on WP, I only remember the topic and a few things. Now, I have to think back and reciprocate which, finally, does not provide the witty immediate thoughts.

Whenever this happens now, I open up the app and type in short notes in text slang. Even while reading a book that I plan on reviewing, I jot down points and stuff I notice. Later, I comb through them and pick out the main ones, or merge some, and write a review out of it

Basically, right now my ColorNote app  is like:

  • Reblogs
  • Awards
  • Songs
  • The Glittering Court review points
  • Alpha readers? 
  • Blog post ideas
  • NaNoWriMo story
  • Novel idea 1
  • Novel idea 2

Can you see the productivity in that list?

Have a blog journal.

Whenever I type into my notes app, I have the urge to only type in shorthand. Therefore, I have a book where I write the whole posts (not the complete draft). This means, writing down exact lines, paragraphs and content but when you’re not sure about posting it just yet because you don’t feel it is up-to-the mark yet. Write the topic and lines down, let it fester. Get back to later.

Having a book solely for this purpose helps in other ways too. For me, it’s also my impromptu bullet journal. I doodle lyrics, quotes, books I want to read etc. Later on, I find a way to insert them into the other posts. You might have realised, if you’re writing discussion or updatery posts, your post is somehow better if you quote something/someone. At least, it’s like that for me. The post seems more informed, and not like you’re just ranting about anything and everything. That’s basically all of my posts but including other stuff “decorates” it.

Whatever you’re doing in your daily schedule, think whether you can make a blog post out of it.

Most of the time, you can.

You might find some value in a movie or a book. You might overhear a stranger saying something and can put up a discussion post about it. Or, you can post something like this where I basically just talk about binge-watching a TV show.

You could even do something like an anthology. Although I haven’t done anything like that, I think it’s a cool idea. Collect various things from elsewhere and make a post out of it. It could be tweets, poems that you think relate to each other in some way, books that have pretty much the same base for their storyline but go about it differently, or you could even talk to many people (other bloggers, for instance) and combining their views on a specific topic. 

I remember when Luna asked about depression in a post and so many bloggers expressed their views and I got to see it from their sides. I had an idea to ask her, collect all the comments and publish them as a post. I think it’s a good idea, collecting views and posting them. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the link to it.

I think these points are enough for now.I felt like sharing some of my experiences and my views about blogging so this might be a short series of blogging tips posts. I will be doing another post soon on some more blogging tips-this time about what to include in a normal blog post to make it better. Basically, the “decoration” I mentioned earlier. 

Do you know of amy other ways to come up with good posts? Share it! I would love to hear more suggestions from your side.

12 thoughts on “Keeping up with your blog and finding content”

    1. Thanks! It’s definitely interesting. It gets you on to scheduling too. Even if you’re lazy (like me) to schedule your day, starting small can set you off to being more organised in other parts of you life too. 🙂


      1. Yes your work and energy –> Pro

        No I am not going premium anytime soon. It’s just a hobby for me. I like to keep it so for now.

        I didn’t say about anything remotely close to WP premium.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your blogging tip posts are so cool and so inspiring! I really love blogging and get really excited about it but your posts are making me even more excited (which I didn’t even know was possible!) and I’m getting even more ideas on how to expand and improve my blog (for the better, I hope!) 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my posts 🙂 blogging is kind of an ever evolving thing—and is always for the better. I wish you the very best 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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