Featuring more blogs

Hello everybody!

I am back home! Which means I get to study more, write more, read more and blog more. *cue me grinning with gratefulness*

As I had time, I went back to reading posts tagged teen and writing, which I haven’t been doing for a while because I was too busy doing something else or basically being lazy.

I found so many posts that I liked! Now, the thing is I already follow quite many blogs which makes my wordpress reader blow up. Seriously, every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is get on here and read all the posts. Repeat at night. This mostly happens only during those times because that’s when most people from the world are online at the same time as me.

But! What can I do? I still love the new blogs and I follow them. In case you don’t follow tags, I suggest you do because you will find all the cool, unique and talented blogs out there.

Which brings me to my main topic for this post- you might be seeing way more reblogs on my blog from now. I usually don’t reblog but I decided I will start now. There are some posts which I just want on my blog! I already am hosting guest bloggers but seeing all these people, I want to feature them too.

I’ve already reblogged two posts today, so I will refrain from anymore and hopefully you won’t get spammed in the future too. As I can’t schedule reblogs (I wish that was an option), I will be noting down the links and reblogging them later on.

I hope you are fine with quite some reblogging coming up and I hope you like them too 🙂

Have a great day!

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