No, thank you.

I try to be the perfect daughter.

I try to be the perfect friend.

I strive to be on top.

I try

Not to be a disappointment.


I plaster a smile everyday

Try to be calm and composed.

I keep my voice down

Trying to be the perfect girl.

I learn all traditions and rules

Even though I don’t want to follow them.

I pretend to be someone I’m not

In an effort to be accepted.


It is so hard

Now after so many years

To be myself

When everyone believed the fake me

As the real me.


I have changed, they say

I have become fake, they sneer

I am not the girl

I was brought up to be.


What they do not understand

Is that I have finally realised;

I tried so much

That I fell short for myself.

It is not a life I want to lead.


It is not a life I want to lead.


I will break out of the shell I made

Show who I really am because no one

No one matters more than myself

And I have finally accepted that.


I will stay up and stay strong.

You want to gossip about me?

I will give you something to talk about.

I will not be brought down and down and down

With these rules of the society

That were set in cement centuries ago.


I am my own self.

I will not bow down to your rules

Of how to be a person.

I am decent enough to apologise for it;

I’m sorry.

But no, thank you.

10 thoughts on “No, thank you.”

  1. I’m glad you realized that you’re worth it and that you don’t have to play into what society, family and the world around you wants you to be. I’m so happy for you and I hope this positive attitude continues!
    I loved this poem, great job:)

    Liked by 1 person

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