Immediate update

Haha hello!

The last few posts of mine where scheduled posts because I’m visiting my native place where I am not allowed to use the internet. Now, I somehow managed to convince my uncle to give me the password. I waited ten minutes while he brainstormed about what the password could be. Um, okay. 

I reached here thursday morning at dawn and this is how the first half of my day went (I noted down points in the notepad app so I could blog about it):

5:45 am – greeted grandpa when he opened gate. He couldn’t hear, knows I’m saying sumthin though. I raised my voice, still no. But he only used to tell me young girls don’t raise voice, so i didn’t shout. Mum shouted so loud people two houses away can hear. He says hi in return. To me, “you din greet me also” *groans*
7:00 am – my uncle notices my hair and goes, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! WRONG WRONG.” If you’ve read a few posts over the last two months, you would know that I got my hair cut and I’m loving it etc. Then I get this. Can we go home already?
7:10 am – uncle (hurt face) says, “you never spoke to me since last time you visited”. That is true, I admit, which was a year back but sry I don’t wanna hear rebukes and negative comments. (Didn’t day that out loud of course. I didn’t even bother giving an excuse, why lie)
7:15 am- one and half hours and im already bored. Texts people, everyone asleep. Darn it.
7:30 am – reading Crown of Midnight. Careful not to read ebook as I will get scoldings. Uncle walks in. “what you doing don’t read with window open. Sunlight reflected on a wall (neighbour’s) not good. Before i could stop myself, said in calm voice, “everything is bad for eyes nowadays”. He looks at me stunned like *when did she grow a mouth* and was about to scold around the lines “young girls musnt talk back to elders” but mum changed topic. *saved* went back to reading.

Uncle kept coming into the room where I am and says something or the other:
-don’t lean on plastic cupboard (I was sitting on the floor and leaning on it. Didn’t want to borrow chair from him or grandpa as I didn’t want to invite conversation and comments.)
-how are you wearing jeans in this heat
-close window don’t read here. Me: “Where else shall I read?” Uncle: “Other room.” Note: other room has no sunlight even if window is open. I don’t like putting tubelight in day time. “No thanks I’m fine.”
10:30-11 am – had brunch. Pretty tasty. Two meals a day policy here. Afternoon/evening people eat Indian savouries. I’m ok, don’t need. Not hungry at all here anyway.

Damn its super hot. Bloody 43°C. Continuously sweating, no point of showering.

Wanna go online. Uncle is not at home, and besides even if he is, won’t on wifi. He will see comp all day and also plays games on tab till 2am but when i wanna see, not good for eyes so no. Happened before and i just go away mentally singing *hypocrite spells H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E* in a godawful tune. Not gonna try asking also this time. *damn what must be the response to my last post (it was a scheduled one). *sigh*

Neighbour aunty to mum: “Teach her carnatic music. What is she doing in life?” Dude, it suits some who have good voices but me?? I cringe everytime I listen to myself sing. “God’s art, god’s gift.” What would you say if you learnt I’m agnostic?

Excuse the text lang, I noted down everything in a hurry and just copy-pasted. 

Sooo I’m bored, want to go home and basically HATE BEING HERE.

Oh and I’m not sure when I can come back online next so some more posts are scheduled.

THIS BLOG TURNS THREE MONTHS ON 16TH, which is in a few hours for me so YAAAY!

I thought I’ll do a Q&A for this occassion. I did postone asking for questions when I hit 100 and only Luna replied. While waiting for more questions I very conveniently forgot about it. (I’ll do it Luna so sorry!)

So! Leave your questions below! 

Oh and since I’m missing for days and am only online for a bit, I might have missed some good posts by you guys. Leave links to your posts below and I’ll check em out!

Okay I really got to go. My uncle is making faces and asking, “ARE YOU DONE?” again and again.

Kay baaai.


1 thought on “Immediate update”

  1. i am so sorry you had such a bad time. your uncle is way too strict and hard on you but some relatives pick on everything you do.
    My question(s) is : how did you come up with your blog name and what are some goals you have for your blog in 1 year. ( where do you see your blog)

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