Remembering || a little draggy?

remembering.jpgTitle: Remembering 

Author: C.S. Johnson

Genre: Fantasy

Status: Book 4 of The Starlight Chronicles



With the arrival of 11th grade, Hamilton Dinger has no shortage of activities to pursue. With his job at the mayor’s office, schoolwork, and fighting off evil, he has no time to worry about Starry Knight’s recent betrayal and his relentless fixation with her.

Even though he does anyway.

Pushing past his emotional turmoil, he works with Aleia and Elysian to uncover the truth about the Seven Deadly Sinisters and his supernatural origins. When disaster strikes once more, Hamilton and his friends realize the only way to prevent chaos from taking over Apollo City, and eventually the world, is to find the answers to the questions hidden deep inside his heart and mind.


Note: I received a free copy from the author in return for an honest review. Thank you C.S. Johnson! I have also previously reviewed books one and three.

This is the book I’ve been waiting for. We find out the identity of Starry Knight (although I already figured it out before), there is a much awaited for break-up and more teenage drama. Okay I admit, mostly just for the identity reveal.

In the last three books, there wasn’t much of the usual high school drama with girlfriends and boyfriends. While that set this series apart, we still looked for it as this is a YA series. I will refrain from saying too much as then this whole review will be of spoilers.

Chapter 11, though! I’m going to go ahead and say it- Windinger and Starry Knight finally kissed for reals! I ended up squealing till the end of the chapter, like, YASSS!

The beginning of chapter 12 was a damper though. The change in Hamilton was instant and I couldn’t go with it. If the writing was in third person POV it might have worked but I couldn’t imagine Hamilton thinking philosophically about love. The break in character was off-putting.

Over the past few books he was gradually changing, yes; we expect him to become pretty noble, yes. But I did not think he would turn out to be sappy and love sick all of a sudden. I mean, there’s only so much one can change over such a short period of time. All chapters frrom then on, Hamilton hardly behaved like his previous self. Well, then. 

Due to the amount of clues littered around, I figured out most things and basically spent reading this book waiting for Hamilton to grow a brain. Even in this book new mysteries popped up and Hamilton’s observations put together would solve them but no such thing. I started thinking along the lines of, “If he is so smart, why has he not pieced together anything yet?”

Compared to the previous books, this was just okay, in my opinion. The romance aspects finally got some spotlight but hardly anything else did. Everything else felt like a background that we pass only to get to the next romantic revelation or scene.

I’m also waiting for an element of surprise, something that I did not see coming and blows up out of nowhere. So much has been predictable until now.

I would like to read the next installment to find out where all this heads to. I want to know the ending. But I’m not left as enthusiastic for the sequel like after previous books. Let’s see where this heads.




4 thoughts on “Remembering || a little draggy?”

  1. I haven’t read this series before. Although you gave this book a low rating, would you recommend the series/previous books?

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