Camp NaNoWriMo: day #2

I didn’t post about yesterday (there wasn’t much to say) so I posted a small story. Today, I was supposed to post the second half but I don’t really feel like writing today.

I only write in the evenings just after sundown because I’m a night person and I usually spend my day doing real life obligations. As I cannot use the computer for long, I’m forced to get in my word count in very fast. Today, I had a bit more time so I rewatched the first two episodes of Once Upon A Time and one ep of season 2 (because I felt like watching them, why else) side-by-side. Finally, I did get in my word count and I tried writing a bit more but I’m kinda strung out today so I quit while I still have good work.

Honestly, today I’ve been pretty moody and irritated. It’s small things plus the all India entrance test tomorrow (which is super difficult) has been worrying me. When I applied for it, I thought I’d study as much as I can and give my best but that was before I spent all my energy and brain matter into board exams. I’m not expecting much, nothing really.

One of my biggest fears is disappointing people so I told my mum to sit with me for a while and I explained my situation and asked her not to expect much for this exam. I promised that I’d do by best for the coming up ones, which I jave considerably more time to prepare for. She was pretty supportive so that’s a huge weight off my chest. I still feel really guilty but, I can’t do anything about it now.

Back to Camp NaNo, I’m pleased with the way I’m writing. I’m using Scrivener NaNoWriMo trial version and it’s really good. The tutorial was really big, and I kinda skipped a lot of it but I can always look it up later. It has a Manuscript folder with Chapters, Characters and Places under it. Under Chapters comes everything you write. You can save character sheets and info about places in your novel under respective areas. There is a corkboard facility too, you can type the synopsis of the chapter in a few short words and it displays all chapters as flashcards. That way, I know what each one contains and won’t have to open up and read on a later date.

I originally made character sheets on paper using colorful pens and artful way of display (because I just love doing stuff like that). I even used colorcoded facts- light green are appearances, pink is their profession/major in univ, purple is relationship related to friends etc. I haven’t written about all characters, and not every single thing. I’m pantsing a lot so I’ll make up facts as I go.

I got to know a few more things about my side characters today while writing, including small details that makes their personality. I need to note them down, of cource, as to not get mixed up later. I could have noted them down on paper itself but it was just easier to type im the Characters section on Scrivener. So, as of now, the main stuff are in my notepad while the nitty-gritty details are in there. I like that.

Overall, I’m not in a slump yet (and hopefully not for awhile more) and I’m beginning to feel as if my first draft will be coherent.

While adding a fact into what I wrote yesterday, though, I automatically started editing previously written sentences. After one, I caught myself and told a stern lecture in my head saying if you start editing you will never finish writing.

Aanyway, I’m gonna go now. I haven’t gone back and reread whatever I typed so excuse any typos or mistakes.

Hope you have/had a great day

Ciao xx



5 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo: day #2”

    1. That’s okay! Every November is National Novel Writing Month (hence NaNoWriMo). People from all over the world participate and get that novel down that they were previously too lazy or whatever to do.

      In April and July, Camp is held but it’s not strictly to write a novel. It’s for revising, editing, short stories, poems, scriptwriting and basically everything including novel.

      It helps because many write and there are conversations, help immediately, you make friends in the writing world etc.

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    2. We set a goal of number of words and it keeps us up on it. We always do better when others are following up on our progress, right? There are some prizes and winners for whoever finishes earlier or something. Plus, many companies related to the writing world sponsor and offer deals for us. Some publishing houses, agents and editors are involved too I think.

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