Some some typing

Hey everyone!

Turns out my poem attempt last night got 28 likes, like whut? I don’t know if it’s because so many of you actually liked it or its just my stats going up because 28 is my highest number of likes. I’ve got the same number in two other posts, no more. I hope it’s because it was actually nice! (Even though I didn’t like it)

I don’t usually write in daytime, and that’s pretty unfortunate but, that’s how it is. I tried, and my writing came out moderately okay. I was in a semi-writing mood. I thought about seeing writing prompts but frankly, I don’t like writing prompts. I never have, much.

Now, I’m sitting on the sofa, alone at home. I’ll be just playing some nice music, reading a book and chilling out.

Recently, through another blogger’s site, I found out about a website called IndiBlogger. Basically, it’s a community of Indian bloggers and if you sign up with your blog, it geta you more traffic. I thought about it, opened the sign up form, and left it. I decided I will be satisfied with how much stats I have, and let people find me through normal means. If my blog is good, I don’t need it. I was also lazy to fill up such a long form.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts in TWO DAYS! I’m quite excited, and I really hope I’ll be able to meet the word count everyday. The default setting is 50,000 words, that is more than 1,500 per day! I can’t do that, what with my entrance tests and all. I thought I’ll go for 40 but that is a bit more too. Now, I’ve finally settled on 30k words i.e. one thousand words per day. Obviously, I can’t finish writing a novel with only so many words, I need more. But this endeavour is to get me start writing, I hope to continue myself after. One of my cabin mates in Camp NaNo set a goal for 100,000 words!! WHAT. Is she going to be writing all day long?? I dunno..

I have this tendency to feel sleepy every evening just around sundown. My mum hates that. According to the various religion and tradition practices, you’re not supposed to sleep around sundown; which is taken roughly as 6pm. I tend to fall asleep right then. I’m feeling sleepy right now, and its almost 5! I should sleep for about half and hour but.. I can’t sleep for such less period of time. I need at least two hours. I think I’ll lie down for a small bit now.. I’ll get up in a bit and go out.

I’ll try some writing or studying later. Oh and! Here‘s my voice recording from this afternoon. I’ll see you lovelies later.

Ciao xx


21 thoughts on “Some some typing”

  1. Quick questions –
    1. What’s with the accent ?
    2. What device you used to record your voice ?
    3. Were you walking while talking ?
    4. Did you use any software to cleansing the audio ?

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    1. 2. I watch a LOT of foreign shows so I get that accent. In fact, today I was watching Zoella and PointlessBlog on youtube so that British accent got in. I swear, it isn’t intentional. Now my accent is just a really wierd combination of Indian and British.
      2/4. I use my phone to record, no software for cleansing and all that. I have the SoundCloud app so I record directly on there. Moto G3’s recording is really good.
      3.Yes, I was walking. I was shifting all my study material to my table from where I was studying and bringing snacks and book to the living room to read. 🙂

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      1. Good. Are there any previous recordings ?

        I get that accent stuff with me as well, sometimes. Recording was very good, hence I wanted to know. I think its time, I try the SoundCloud, because all my previous recordings were not so good.

        Did anyone tell, there is something special about your voice ?
        In Industry it is called the “Radio voice”

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      2. Yes, there are previous recordings. The link in this post leads to my latest one, after that, it’s supposed to play the next old one itself. Once you click the link, it opens a new window, right? In the URL, remove whatever comes after iridescencey and I believe you can see my channel. Or just, make an account in SoundCloud and search for Iridescence 😛

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      3. Well, I have already listen to many of the recording starting from the 1-4 and then Wednesday and the latest one. It is like you are talking in front of the listener, so good.

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      4. “Radio voice”.. Really? To me, my voice just sounds a bit nasal 😛 a biiig thanks for te compliment! You keep making my day, you know that?

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      5. I started of listening to the latest one first as you shared in the link, so it was better compared to your previous recordings that I listen some time back.

        There is always something about us, we don’t feel quite good about, because we see a scope of improvement.

        But let’s just say you have some magic, in terms of your voice now and if you keep doing this, it will take you somewhere better for sure.

        I just happened to have a friend few years back, who would sound like the way you do and sometimes it is downs and the other times it is energetic, I guess that’s what reflects who you are and what happens in your life.

        Suggestions – You may continue talking about your novel, studies and life as you are doing, along with that if you can speak about things in general, like what’s in it for the listener you know ?

        You will get there again, I know you will figure it out, but I am giving you a slight hint, then I am sure, you will knock it on your own.

        About the compliments and all – Let’s just say I am of those kind, who has a good sense and pick up the diamond early on, so you glow and I know !

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  2. I once read a blog and the owner (she was like 16 at the time) attempted to write 4 50k novels during Camp NaNoWriMo. So 200k words in total. It was crazy.
    I hope you achieve your goal, good luck with writing!

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