Explosion of my earth

I see you standing over there;

My heart soars like a vulture

High above the ground inside me

That keeps me down with gravity.

I can feel my bones singing

Like the beautiful nightingale,

Pouring out notes in high pitch.


You are only a few feet away from me now;

The snow-capped mountains in me rumble,

Trees swish around with whispers

Clouds crack open, pouring showers.


I am a whole world when you are near me;

A world alive with magic-

A magic that is oh, so hard to describe

A magic that elevates my being

To a level where I hope to be like you.


You walk over to me and stop,

The tips of your feet just an inch from mine;

My heart beats so fast I worry you will hear the earthquake in me

My emotions are going on overload like the flood of my feelings.


You stare into my eyes and it is as if you see the depths of my soul

Where everything has become attuned you.

My name on your lips, and I alight like a candle

Bursting with flame like forest fire;

The smoke wafting around us

And forming a wall of fog

Making us the only two in existence.


Your hand raises to my face, just a few inches more

And everything in me is turning active;

The volcanoes, the ground plates,

The amass of water and strong winds,

The spirit in me lying seemingly asleep

Now stirs.


You touch me

And I explode.

I was toying with the idea of expressing feelings and making it like a whole world inside the person for a few days. I made a few notes on what to include and how to make it related to the movement of the other person. I’m not sure it’s turned out as well as I wanted it to. I might try again some other time 🙂


9 thoughts on “Explosion of my earth”

  1. Very happy to read an Indian blog filled with poems. Very beautifully penned. Hope to read more beautiful poems like this. When you have time, give a read to my blog at nalaemtonselvaraj.com and comment your thoughts about my writings. Keep up the good work. Good Luck !

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